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Unban Appeal - Festus_Crane

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BYOND Key: Festus_Crane

Total Ban Length: 1.5 Days

Banning staff member's Key: nightmare00

Reason of Ban: Spam attacking self. Logged out when questioned.

Reason for Appeal: I won't deny, that's exactly what I did. I write this in hopes of returning to the community sooner. I will explain what I did and the whys, whether or not you believe them or find them redeeming is up to you. At this time this event occurred it was about 2 or 3 AM and by this point I was being yelled at to get to sleep.

But I wanted to quickly test something before SSD'ing. I had grown something quite alien to me, nettle. I didn't know what it did, if it was edible, ect. So I wanted to try it out. First I tried to use it upon Pun Pun real quick to see if it was poisonous, I learned it was actually some sort of weapon. I didn't actually think people were paying attention during this ghost crew round, but I was clearly wrong.

I began at that point to see if I could actually be killed with this nettle. As I learned it was actually quite effective, but I would not have enough time to truly see if it worked, for my pops was pulling that "If you don't get off I'll shut off the internet" skit. And it was at this point I was caught by an Admin, at least what I think is an admin (Do excuse me if I forget all the ranks. I just assume anyone with a different color in OOC is an admin.) At that point I received a message from this admin (or mod, ect.) questioning me. I decided that discussing it all would take time, time that I didn't have, so I decided to X-out before my dad started ripping cables.

As I write this, I do now realize that I probably could have sent a message something along the lines of "I have to go, and I can explain this in the morning.", but it was 2 or 3 AM and my brain had turned to mush. I would like to apologize to the member of staff, nightmare00, who was there to reprimand me, and not explaining the matter and for attempting this bit of foolishness with nettle.

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