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[Denied] Vira De Santos: DC-15 Hvy Blaster Modkit

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BYOND Key: OneOneThreeEight

Character name: Vira De Santos

Item name: DC-15 Blaster (note: modkit)

Why is your character carrying said item to work?: It's Vira's personal sidearm. Alpha Centauri weapons are known for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Of course, she'd only be able to carry it onboard when her captainship is active.

Item function(s): No other bonuses besides rule of cool. Although it'd be unbalanced, would it be okay if it had a slow recharge rate? Otherwise you don't have to do anything.

Item description: A backwater Alpha Centauri design, a DC-15 Heavy Blaster Pistol has the capability to fire nonlethal phaser bolts or even lethal blaster bolts. The numbers "1138" are etched on the grip.

Item appearance: thank you based swat http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/b471/vxd67ytlfldm9qxfg.jpg?size_id=0

Additional comments: Rule of Cool must be followed when you're developing special snowflakey characters, right? gib pl0x or i robust ian

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It's a reference to the ammunition type from Star Wars, Republic Commando.

Doesn't actually fire phasers. It's not the first time something did something the exact opposite than what it says on the tin.

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