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[Denied] KiwidaNinja's Guitar Request


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BYOND Key: Kiwidaninja

Character name: Sythe Legacy

Item name: Guitar

Why is your character carrying said item to work? He was hired as an entertainer (according to the employment records I wrote for him), and a guitar would greatly assist in doing his job, other than doing "/me starts singing. ((insert youtube link here))"

Item function(s): Playing music.

Item description: A light-brown wood guitar with metallic strings, and brass tuners. It looks as if its been owned and used over a few years.

Item appearance: A guitar? What else could I say?

Additional comments: Im pretty sure there used to be a guitar, and a few other things, in the bar. Not entirely sure though.

I do know I remember a piano in the bar, a million (One or two) years ago.

Edit: Forgot BYOND key.

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