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Vote Times

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So... I have a horribly slow computer, and when I join a brand new round it takes about 1 minute for the resources to download.

If you cant put 2 and 2 together it means I cant vote, so What I am asking here is to start the vote at a later time than now.

( I dunno if I'm the only one with this, but if not it would go a long way, without changing gameplay )

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I'm fairly sure you only need to load resources when you open or reopen your client.

While you can lose connection at server restart, you can right click the top of your client window, go the client tab, and use the reconnect option to reconnect without having to reload your client and resources. Thus, the only time you would have an issue with taking too long to load your resources would be if you got lucky, or unlucky, enough to connect while the game is still in the lobby before or during the vote. The chances of this happening are:

Assuming the average round length is approximately 3 hours (180 minutes), including the 2-3 minutes from restart to the actual game beginning.

75 seconds (from restart to vote start) + 1 minute (vote duration)


180 minutes + 16 minutes (vote end to restart)





Disclaimer: May or may not be correct usage of maths.

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