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Unban request Voltage2k15

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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond login/Ckey)No I am not Voltage, but I am his friend so I want to help to him. Ckey is:Voltage2k15

Total Ban Length: (The total time of your ban. You can also note your remaining time, though it is not required) Forever.

Banning staff member's Key: (This is the staff member's BYOND key/Ckey who placed the ban) Scopes, Doomberg, IJ, Server(by itselft), Life, Universe.

Reason of Ban: (You can see this when you attempt to log in to the server) Being Voltage is Bad.

Reason for Appeal: (State your reason for why you think you should be unbanned) Because I am friend of Voltage and I feel bad for him being in ban all the time, So I thought that his majesty SERVER will unban poor Voltage finally.

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