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[Accepted] GhostInSpace Detective Ban Appeal II

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BYOND Key: GhostInSpace

Total Ban Length: Indefinite

Banning staff member's Key: TishinaStalker

Reason of Ban: ridiculous escalation of force, logging without discussion

Reason for Appeal: I think it was roughly July 20th that this jobban was placed. Since that time I've had many opportunities to consider the events that led to the actions my character took that resulted in my jobban. I understand where I went wrong in this situation and how I might have had my character act differently while still maintaining an honest portrayal of his personality. While playing as the Detective, and not an Antagonist, I will avoid using my gun against coworkers unless the situation absolutely calls for it and if I feel the treatment my character is receiving from another character necessitates a violent response I will send an adminhelp before resorting to my .38.

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I've had a lot of interactions with GhostInSpace in these past few weeks, and I never would have guessed he'd be the person to shoot a dude in the head.

I think he's shown that he has the potential to improve, and should be given a second chance to do so.

Plus, why not? It's been almost 3 months, he should be granted at least some form of second try after so long.

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