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Tranquillity Services

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Agent in place in sector NSSA-01.

Weapon, intelligence and item procurement available in all four accessible local sectors.

Local cleaning and disposal of targets available.

Prices negotiable.

Local contact within NSS Aurora, P.E.A.C.E.

Access pass phrases.

"It gets under your skin. Life."

"With no morals, standards remain."

Response phrase.

"Which is where I come in. As a matter of fact."

Your business is welcome. At any time.



((OOC info: Basically a shop for various tools, weapons, medicines, and toxins or various services that traitors/operatives can negotiate a price [items,credits,a given objective] for than solely relying on the telecrystal system to allow for people to think outside the box for making fun as a traitor))

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((To be clear on the rules here. Does one have to be an antag to assist an antag, through this system? IF for example, I had a dirty sec officer who agreed to use this system to slip some weapon someone's way, or a QM for contraband, or a chef that would agree to leave the freezer unlocked to give someone access to the gibber, but they weren't antags that round, would that be allowed?))

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((OOC: P.E.A.C.E. Since his inception has been working with the syndicate. And has been planted within Aurora

LetzShake: From my understanding of the rules and my initial check for this before the end of the last forums, a dirty sec may not use this system as they would probably no know about the syndicate, but may take bribes to look the other way, despite any affiliations. A QM may be just a straight up black-market dealer antag or not. This store is for antags specifically Nuke Ops and Traitors and is not a common black market dealership. Peace when not an antag, would not take part in what would could be called objective work, so getting something like station blueprints would be pretty much refused for work for the active operative. But getting a bottle of thermite for the antag to break in would be something buyable.

Tenenza: Pretty much, whether you use money from your own account, rob someone else's a haggling over price can be done. Barter over items, or even something from the telecrystal system. The objectives we talk about should be simple things, a drop, movement of restricted items, even a case of wanting a powersink applied at a certain time for a short period while the traitor has to be somewhere else to make use of it.

Payment may be all up front, post objective or item collection, or split usually depending on how the person needing the business conducts themselves. Making an offer on items and a suggested price if you wanted, but everything gets haggled and dealed until everyone feels like they have a good deal.

Not sure if this helps or not but let me know if you need more.))

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[[Oh, Right I get it. It's not for helping traitors (though in theory I could see it used that way) but is used to provide 'bounties' for non murder objectives? Makes a lot of sense actually. It's the same as the bounty board. Would be harder to coordinate if it requires multiple traitors, but I could certainly understand the use. ]]

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((OOC: Yes. Say you needed wanted to do something for your round as antag and wanted to drug someones coffee as you talked to them. You could go to Peace and buy the drug, and pay maybe a decent amount of money, or a small amount of money and say they are a security officer, pick up a few security records to sell on the info-market as a second objective. It works as the bounty list and giving a little more freedom on how you could go about your evil ways.))

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