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BYOND Key: Kerbal22

Player Byond Key: Floorface II

Reason for complaint: Generally being a chucklefuck in OOC, annoying the living crap out of people on the server, and generally being an angst-y teenager that's trying to fight the power.

Proof: https://www.dropbox.com/s/73i25mxk2m2cwdk/log%202014-10-19%20%2812%2003%20pm%29.htm?dl=0 , look before OOC was muted.

EDIT: To be clear, i'd like for at-least a talking-to with Floorface II, and at most a warning.

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I went on the server and gave them a note. You can be sure that if this kind of behavior happens again, they'll end up with a ban.

As for you, I'd like to request you not call people "madmen" and tell them to "STFU" simply because you disagree with them, because that does not make you a much better person.

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