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Syndicate Transmission - Nuclear Operative Guide

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LOGIN>Black Rose


ACCESS LEVEL>Mission Instructor






Good afternoon, ladies and gents. I am agent Black Rose, mission instructor. You lucky individuals have been granted the opportunity to partake in a Syndicate heist. While you should be familiar with the basics, I will be giving you intel and knowledge to help you survive out on the field.

Do not let us down.


Mission: Start


You will be transported to our forward operating base. From there on out, you will be on your own. Your first task is to meet up with your fellow operatives. Converse with them, get to know each other – you will be relying on each other’s wits and skills for this mission. This is when you will sort out a tactical plan, find your strengths and weaknesses, and work together.

This is important: Too many times I have witnessed gung-ho rookies rush out of the meeting room to gear up and grab guns. They are usually the very first ones to get shot at, and left to degenerate among the stars. Don’t be one of them.




Before leaving the room, check your Agent ID. Hold it in your hand and click on it. Select ‘Rename’ and input your agent name. You will then be asked to input the assignment. Leave it as it is or place in a personalized title. This ID is more valuable than you think. Hold on to it.



Ship Layout





You will be granted a state-of-the-art military ship – fresh off the black market. First off, we’ll review the cockpit. It includes a Mission Monitor (More on that later) and a Syndicate Control Console. Shutters control for the window, and two computer frames, that may be customized for your mission. There is also a fully stocked armory closet, as well as a bit of extra glass. Microwavable food is available, to keep you nourished during your mission.

The Ship’s control is where you are able to interact and drive the ship. By default, the cloaking field is activated – this means that the ship’s presence is hidden from trackers. You may toggle it off if you wish to announce your arrival, although that is only advisable to a veteran team.

The Mission Monitor is where you may view your teammates through their hardsuit cameras. More will be detailed in the equipment section below.


Equipment Room



This is where most of your personal gear is kept. There will be four fully stocked armory closets, and a suit cycler for your non-human teammates. Yes, Syndicate hires Unathi, Tajara, and Skrell too, get over your xenophobia.


Medical Room



The Medical Room, or Infirmary, is stocked with three sleepers and a crate of standard first-aid kits. There is also an O2 tank here, to refill your jetpacks between each outing.

Secure Storage



The Secure Storage contains the Telecommunications Mainframe, and the nuclear device. This is what controls the network traffic you are picking up on your headsets. It’s highly advisable that you do not touch this piece of equipment, unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing. Nevertheless, if you want to make modifications, you may do so with a multitool.

Tool Storage



This room contains various items that will be useful for your mission. Insulated gloves, tools, bombs, and more.


Teleporter Room



Last but not least, the teleporter. Aft of the Tool Storage sits a partially finished teleporter. All it is missing is the circuitry. Once it is fully functioning, you can use it to gain access directly into the station.

Now, let’s go over the important gear you’ll be using in your mission.

Equipment Details

Personal Inventory


For simplicity’s sake, I am going to assume you already know the basics. Like how to shoot a gun, or how to attach a helmet to a hardsuit. I’m not going to go over those. I am going to cover the unique mechanics of the items you’ll be using for the mission.

1. Syndicate Mask – this doubles as a breathing apparatus, and a voice changer, when linked with your Agent ID. You will take the voice of any person you so desire, as long as your Agent ID displays the name. Without the ID but with the mask, you will appear as ‘unknown’.

2. Agent ID – I went over this briefly in the introduction. You can change your name and personalize your assignment. This card also has the lovely advantage of scanning and imprinting access codes into its memory. Steal the captain’s ID? Scan it with your card and you now have full access of NSS Aurora.

3. Jetpack – While you are given a bag at mission start, you will need to replace it with the jetpack. Get used to leaving it behind – the jetpack is more important. It is only when the jetpack is worn on the back can it be used like it is meant, allowing you to move freely in space. When attached to your hardsuit compartment, it only works like an Oxygen tank.

*To use, toggle it on and off from the corner of your screen. Be mindful of the oxygen consumption – last thing you want to do is use up all your air and be stranded.

4. Hardsuit Helmet – There is a camera attached to the helmet. Activate it. Your teammates will be able to monitor you from the console in the cockpit, guiding you and keeping tabs of your location. If the helmet is left anywhere on the station, you will have view of where it is. I have known some agents matter-implant themselves with a helmet, so their location may be monitored even if caught.




5. Night Vision Goggles – self-explanatory, these goggles allow you to see in the dark. You won’t need to activate any lights while you wear this, and you can sneak in the shadows to decapitate that poor unsuspecting security officer.

6. Brown Webbing Vest – if you need to carry a lot of equipment around, but can’t carry your bag, grab this. It attaches to your uniform, and can store small-sized items.

7. Energy Combat Shield – deactivate it to fit it in your pocket or behind your ear, pull it out when you’re faced in the line of fire. It’ll protect you more than the suit while you make a tactical retreat.



IPC agents, you will lack a suit cooling unit. Contact the Syndicate BlueSpace Network (aka Adminhelp) to request for one. You will need it to survive out in space. There will be high-capacity power cells located in the lockers for you.

Everything else in the closet you should know how to use, so I’ll leave it at that.


Mission – Related Devices



1. Pinpointer – this device will be used to locate the station’s Authentication Disk. It will flash red and point you in the general direction. When the arrow turns blue, it means you are closeby. More will be detailed out below.

2. Military PDA – This is a modified PDA, linked with the station systems. It will remain hidden until the messenger is used.

*The cartridge installed is a detomatix cartridge. You will have 4 charges, and it can be used to blow up the crewmember’s PDAs.

*The owner will always be listed as John Doe, and cannot be changed, not even with your agent ID. Messages sent will be listed under the John Doe alias.

*The PDA controls the blast doors of the ship, toggling open the front door, and the Teleporter door, simultaneously.



3. Station-Bounced Radio – this is not an actual radio. It is the mission crew’s syndicate uplink. It will be stocked with 40 crystals, that you will share among your teammates. While I won’t detail every item on the list, I will point out one unique item that is usually not available to sleeper agents.

*Teleporter Circuit Board – this can be stolen directly from the station, if you do not want to spend 20 telecrystals. But if you cannot access it, you may purchase it here.

*For many reasons, please…do not purchase a singularity beacon. It’s simply too risky, and will destroy the station itself. We want to have a good place to pillage for future objectives, and eliminating the station won’t allow us to pillage in the future.



Explosive Expert



There will be three Tank Transfer bombs located on the ship. By default, they are attached to a timer. Hold the bomb in your hand and click it. You will be able to add and remove different components of it, and/or adjust the timer. I am assuming you know how to handle bombs, or can research it yourself. As such, I will only be explaining one component – using the bomb with an infrared emitter.



1. Remove the timer and replace it with the emitter. Toggle the desired values, (On or off, visible or invisible) and drop it at your feet. Do not move into the emitter’s line of sight, else…boom.

*You can safely pick up the bomb and move it to a new location. I seriously do not know if this is working as intended, or not. But, you can move it, and keep the infrared emitter at its original location. When some unsuspecting person steps through the emitter, it will blow up the bomb.




Nuclear Device

Should the mission go south, this is your last resort. Refer to the guides below.

Miscellaneous Advice

1. Turn the AI on your side. Purchase a hacked AI upload from the uplink, and steal an AI circuitboard from the secure tech storage. You can build a law computer and upload your own law, overriding the four NanoTrasen laws. This will affect every Station Bound unit (minus drones) as well.

2. Want to use the teleporter? Perhaps the best place to get a Teleporter Circuit is from the T-comm satellite. Not only will you be able to teleport bombs onto the station, you can mess up T-comms as you please, and any poor unsuspecting soul who teleports to T-comms will have no real way to return.

3. A few agents will implant themselves with an explosive implant. In the event they are caught, they can self-detonate and keep the Syndicate’s secrets safe.

*Take note that EMPs will activate implants. Be extremely careful and make sure your team will not carry any ion-based weaponry, or keep your distance from ones that do. Otherwise, you'll be going out with a bang.

4. The compressed matter implant can have you implant a gun into your arm, should you find yourself cornered with no more weapons.

5. Since you carry the jetpack on your back, feel free to carry your C-20r SMG in your suit compartment.

6. Popular targets include the captain’s office, the security armory, the vault, and sometimes, the PA in the engineering department, or research department’s research files.

7. Power Sinks double as energy drainage and an ill-timed bomb. If overloaded, it will detonate, leaving a breach in the station.

8. The command :h will let you access the syndicate channel. However, you can toggle the frequency on your headset to speak to the station.

a. 145.9 for Common

b. 144.7 for AI Private

c. 135.9 for Security

d. 135.7 for Engineering

e. 135.5 for Medical

f. 135.3 for Command

g. 135.1 for Science

h. 134.7 for Supply

i. 134.5 for ERT

This also applies to the built-in radio on the ship.

9. The Cryptographic sequencer (or Emag card) only has a limited number of uses. Use it wisely.

10. The Cryptographic sequencer also cannot hack IPCs. So don’t bother trying.

11. The disguised gasmask is useless. As stated earlier, the syndicate mask functions just the same.

12. Advanced trauma and burn kits fit in your brown webbing vest, and can help you out in a pinch.

Useful Guides


1. http://www.ss13.eu/wiki/index.php/Syndicate_guide

2. http://wiki.baystation12.net/Mercenary

3. http://www.ss13.eu/wiki/index.php/Guide_to_construction

4. http://wiki.baystation12.net/Hacking



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Recharges will work at the operative shuttle, if you are able to steal one. The one at the security checkpoint or the firing range are easier targets, you just need to wrench them and place them back at the ship. So, you can just recharge the carbines.

Also, emp grenades are effective weapons when fighting against security, mostly at early game, due to the fact it will discharge energy weapons and their tasers too (but it will drain only 5% of the batons power cell). Also, nuke operatives will have a better time fighting against bullets, since their hardsuits have a bigger protection against them than to lasers. But, remember that implants, carbines, fellow ipc operatives or with robotics limbs and things like the thermals may react badly to emps. And the most reliable way to get ballistics is the cargo, which can be clipped, otherwise the crew may have to wait for ert or research to print weapons.

For surgery, a saw can be essential, which can be found easily at the cargo protolathe, or just raid the surgery room if possible.

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