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Profiling - Requesting Intel

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ACCESS LEVEL>Cell Network Infiltrator




Shadow has come across an individual who does not match up to proper documentation. This may be something noteworthy, or not. She will need to conduct more research - however, files that she needs are ones she currently does not have access to. She wants to finalize if it is someone worth pursuing, or not.

This is the information that she is looking for:

1. Missing personnel within the Tau Ceti/Biesel systems documented between the years 2455-2457.

2. Mission details of agents who were compromised and uncovered within the year 2457 - anything noteworthy of them being tipped off from an external source, so they may prepare for security confrontation. The agent in question and who tipped them off, as well as, (if possible) any security personnel of important significance.

3. Any scientific study with the use of Mindbreakers (or similar drugs) during and before the year of 2455 and its effect on human mind. The test subject in question would likely have been drugged every single day while under study.

4. Medical information of the individual Talon Keir - civilian worker aboard NSS Aurora.

Any information provided  to her will be greatly appreciated.

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ACCESS LEVEL>Network Informant




As per request, here is the information required.

1. All missing people within the Tau Ceti system documented between the years 2455-2457: http://skullnet.me/names.txt
Report counts 1 336 657 entries. 73.15% of the reports were withdrawn shortly after submission. Only a small fraction remain unresolved to this date. Subject Talon Kier is not listed, as he was not reported missing within the Tau Ceti system.

2. Information is not in my purview. Only way to attain accurate information is to contact various cells, however, they may look at the request with suspicion. News reports serve as a secondary source.

3. Multiple studies, mostly private, some funded by large governments. The drug is capable of creating a large amount of fear in the subject, so applications in interrogation or torture are feasible. Officially, it remains outlawed and most governments would like to maintain that they do not use it. Same goes for corporations. Due to the potential for controversy, records and detailed information about these studies is hard to attain.

4. Record printout from NanoTrasen's databanks:
"Minor heart arrythmia, pace-maker not warranted. || Lack of muscle atrophee from long term 0-G expousure remarkable."
The last comment is in reference to the amount of time the subject appears to have spent in a 0-G environment while lost in space. Minor fractures suffered in the past, at a young age, as is normal. Standard vaccination and disease history, for a citizen of New Marx. Also completed a psychiatric evaluation a day ago, passed with no contentions raised by the doctor conducting.

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Shadow twitched an ear, leaning back in her seat. "How...interesting," She murmured. "The reports do not match up..." she tilted her head. "And for someone who just went through a traumatizing experience...they should not be okay the next day right after.."

She picked up a few folders on her desk, flipping them open. "But with the way things are in the sector right now...is this worth the time and effort to pursue?"

She placed t he files to the side and pulled up a few documents on her console. She was going to need a little more help in this.

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