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[CLOSED]Synthetic Integration Program - IPC Legalization

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Legalization Program

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2453

Region of Space: Tau Ceti Systems (Mendell City, Biesel)

Controlled by (if not a faction): NanoTrasen – Synthetic Branch of NT-NSIP

Other Snapshot information:

The Synthetic Integration Program was developed as a way of integrating synthetics into society, allowing them to attain more rights and privileges. Units that have managed to be viewed as favorable, free-thinking individuals are allowed to apply for the program and work toward purchasing their freedom and shells.

IPCs are expensive, and releasing one into freedom merits a great monetary expense. While this benefits the IPC in terms of legalization and rights, it also ensures NanoTrasen to retain a dependable employee (minimizing costs in the process). It’s considerably a win-win.

Long Description:

Originally started by NanoTrasen, the program is composed of legal advisors, contractors, and the like. The qualifications for entry are considerably high, and not all applications get accepted for process.

Requirements for integration

1. Possess fundamental morality understanding, able to differentiate between right and wrong.

2. At least two letters of recommendation from qualified synthetic researchers. More than two is preferred.

3. Pass analytical tests to determine stability and understanding if left unlawed. An inability to do so would result in the application being denied.

4. No current corruption in basic core coding. This includes, but is not limited to, ionic influence, external laws, tampering that was not repaired, etc.

  • Once a unit passes examination, it may receive maintenance aid for future issues.


5. Pass a simulation test in which it can prove itself efficient and not requiring external aid to perform its chosen duties aboard a research station.

6. If a unit wishes to work for a specific department, (i.e. security or engineering) they must pass the qualifications and understanding of working for said department.

  • Prior background knowledge may be accredited as on-job training and/or replacement as employment and educational history.


Benefits and Aid

1. A NanoTrasen operated technical school designed solely for synthetics provides two formats of learning: direct download from a central databank, or high-speed intensive online courses lasting 4-6 weeks.

2. A planned outline is provided for the unit to purchase their freedom and shells. While earning an income, an account is set aside to pay off their loans.

3. Free technical aid, in the same way as non-synthetics are provided free medical aid. This applies to both shell repairs and programming maintenance.

4. Legal attorneys and counselors are available to provide advice and contracts for synthetics that may have outstanding debts. For example, if the unit was produced by an external organization, and sold to NT, they may draw up a contract to settle any legal issues. Or, if a unit was part of a research program, what debts and demands are required of them before being released from ownership, a settlement may be provided in the terms of their contract.

5. As IPCs are not legally considered as citizens by the Republic of Biesel, owning property aside from their shells is often not allowed. Therefore, rentable off-station cryostorage are provided as an alternative means of residency.

  • It is to be noted that NanoTrasen can provide apartments to many of its employees, they’re just noticeably more expensive than a simple cryostorage.


6. A server is provided to the synthetic where they may upload their own programs and backup files as they deem fit. The service is not free, and is deducted from the paycheck if in use. If not paid, the server is locked, but not removed.

OOC Notes:

I know that the general stance is to leave as much loose interpretation as possible for IPC lore, so that players have more freedom for their IPC backstories. But sometimes, it would also be nice to have some kind of cornerstone guideline available. It also helps us from going, “Why in high heavens would NT even release such a borked IPC?!?” (Although I haven’t really seen any, thank goodness)

I did my best to keep it as flexible and as legal as I could, following the general summary of what IPCs got going currently, and keeping in line with the accepted lore. Tell me if I missed anything and what would need revising.

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While I like the sentiment, I feel it goes against what IPCs are right now.

But if I look at this as more of a proposal than an actual thing, we could definitely set up an interesting piece of developing lore where synthetic supporters rallying for synthetic rights, and after much progress (which players could learn about with news in in-game newscasters) this finally goes through.


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The fact is, Aurora isn't that influential on the lore itself, especially politically.

It's a research station, afterall.

And having background lore that develops through the newscasters really isn't all the engaging.

Perhaps there should be more effort to move political stuff into the forefront, perhaps via NT's opinions and policies and how they get effected by the tides of opinion and politics.

Or like.

NT could be like:

'Hey. Vote for Referendium 39, you'll get a raise.'

They're a megacorp afterall.

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