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  1. Hello! I'll be handling your application. Please try to get for more feedback, you can advertise your command app once per round in ooc. Due to your previous whitelist strip I'll consult the other staffmembers handling command app applications and we'll try to reach a verdict together.
  2. I meant to say 2 points, not 24, you are right in that regard. It was a typo and I apologize for that. And my point stands, once I gave you the warning I haven't been active on the forums whatsoever, I am not trying to deliberately ignore you and if it seems that way I am sorry. In my eyes you have used abusive language and were warned for it, if whatever admin handles this disagrees with the punishment I handed out then I'll remove those points, but they will expire in a few months as it is.
  3. First of all, I have not been active at all on the forums since I have given you the warning, so me viewing your profile must have been the same time I have given you the warning. Secondly, me being online on discord doesn't meant anything since it's usually running in the background on my phone or pc while I have my notifications disabled. I haven't been avaliable on Sunday since I wasn't home at all. The reason you were restricted from posting was our automated system that takes actions once you have reached certain amount of points, I did not intend to mute you, it just happened to do because you have reached 24 points. I warned you because people reported your content, I checked it out and you were using abusive language so I warned you for it.
  4. Given your previous feedback I'll accept this application.
  5. Your trial starts today at 2020/01/05 and ends at 2020/01/12.
  6. Trial starts today at 2020/01/04 and will end on 2020/01/11.
  7. Due to the lack of feedback I will deny this app for now. Feel free to reapply once you think that you can get enough feedback from the community.
  8. Hello, I'll be handling your application. Try to get some feedback regarding your playstyle. You can advertise your app once per round.
  9. Due to the fact that your feedback has ranged from amazingly positive to subpar there will be an extension of your trial until Monday 2019/11/25. Do your best to convince people and advertise your application once per round.
  10. Due to the lack of feedback I have to deny this one. Feel free to apply again in the future.
  11. Your trial starts today at 2019/11/16 and ends at 2019/11/23
  12. Due to lack of feedback (and because you requested it) you will get an extension till 2019/11/16
  13. If you dont have enough feedback by then it will be extended, don't worry.
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