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  1. Trial starts today at 2019/09/13 and ends on 2019/9/20. Try to get as much feedback on your command play as possible.
  2. Hallo, I'll be handling your application. Before you are given a trial please try to get a bit more feedback, you are encouraged to advertise your app once in OOC per round.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with carver, everything that I wanted to say he has said.
  4. Parts of the whitelist team have discussed this internally and we have come to the conclusion that you have taken the criticism aimed at you well and now are trying to improve. Thus we won't take any action but we will watch you over the course of the next weeks to see if your behaviour improves or it it stays, or perhaps even gets worse. Will be locked and archived in 24 houts unless anyone has any objections.
  5. Trial started today at 2019/08/09 and will end on 2019/08/16. Try to encourage other players to give you feedback on your command play here.
  6. I'll be handling your application. Try to gather a bit more feedback, you are allowed to advertise your app in OOC once a round.
  7. As a person that plays AI a lot I sadly cannot endorse this. Also I agree with karolis to a certain extent, I do no think there would enough to do for them, implying we even get 5 bridge assistants. Relaying messages? Don't think they would be needed for that. Holopad communication the way you describe it sounds like a good idea. I do not think the other consoles get really used in the bridge because they already exist in their respective departments, meaning they don't need to contact the bridge assistant if they want something from it. I fear that if you have 5 people on permanent camera duty that they will severely limit antags ability to roam and do things unnoticed, the AI now has to decide whether to keep tracking or do other things, granted they have the follow command but that can easily be rendered useless. What about stationbounds? With the AI gone they will have no master unit. All in all, it has some good aspects but the cons outweigh the pro, IMO.
  8. You have enough positive feedback and have taken criticism well. Congratulations, application accepted as per 2019/07/28
  9. Hmmm...today I will ban delta for calling me an edgelord

  10. Ban has been lifted. Locking and archiving.
  11. I am going to lift this ban but should this happen again in the near future it's very likely it will not be appealable for a while.
  12. This does not address the issue which we have with you, which is repeatedly going SSD for longer periods of times as security.
  13. You have received a warning, a note and now this ban in the span of 2 days, all of them because you went SSD as security without telling us. Can you somehow ensure that this doesn't happen again?
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