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Additional Civilian jobs.


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So I think it would be nice to have some civilian jobs, to add a little more to some of the departments.

Waiter/Waitress - Wouldn't it be nice to have someone bring the food to your table? Or perhaps your drinks? I don't know, it would add a little to the atmosphere I suppose.

Nun/monk/general chapel staff - I feel the Chapel would be more popular if it was just one lone, potentially crazy, guy preaching away over the radio. I mean we have the uniform already, let's use it.

I mean, they're not overly vital jobs but they shouldn't be too hard to implement. But I thought I'd throw it out there.

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I like the idea of more civilian jobs, but Aurora is a research station in deep space. The bar and chapel are meant to be low staff and functional enough to give everyone somewhere to blow off steam while minimizing costs. I can see some regular Assistants easily filling these roles.

I'd like to see more civilian crew ideas you have though, I don't think its an overall bad idea.

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