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Make waistcoats accessories again

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We have an item called the waistcoat which is considered a jumpsuit accessory on tg code.

However, it's an exosuit here. Meaning if you want to make your jumpsuit look classy under your labcoat or something for professionalism, you can't.

I'd really like for the waistcot (with the same sprites and size and such) to just be edited into an accesory instead of an exosuit, so I can wear coat over it. Because at this point in time, it cripples your ability to wear anything over it, thus rendering the classy look you're going for, null.

In short,

Waistcoats =/= Exosuit

Waistcoats = Accessory

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I like the idea. Please allow us to become actual swaggering mobsters, the waistcoat may not be the flashiest part of the costume, but it is still a very critical item of the mob-boss repertoire.

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