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Madpredator's Dionaea Application

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Well first of all i need to apologize for my english, it may be not so good since its not my first languaje. Iam from Argentina and i play this server seriously since 1 or 2 weeks ago (I use to dedicate like 8 hours per day) :roll:




BYOND Key:madpredar3

Character Names: Cash Hanigston

Species you are applying to play: Dionaea

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes!

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Well, Iam looking for something diferent to play...i have been thinking about this new character who is very peaceful and who loves nature. (in fact he is part of nature too ) and its a Dionaea.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Well, everything! Dioaneas dont understand the concept of names but they still have one since its required for being formaly in a station, they can aslo be excessively touchy since they dont know the concept of personal space. They follow their instics and try to adapt to the humans ethics.


Character Name: Nim Darvi

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Nim Darvi was born in a system planet where radiaton levels were extremely high. He knew, he and his family were in that planet thanks to humans who took them in to it for one purpose: Money. Investigations said there were rare gasses and valuable materials and humans did not hesitate about sending them. In exchange DIonaea's had to work all day in order to get the materials and gases. But years later investigations showed up the materials werent so valuable as humans thought and they forgot about them. Years laters communications were off and funds were canceled.

Darvi and other Dionaeas had to start learning to trade with other planets in order to survive. And they did very well until today. They learned about prices around the galaxys and which materials were worth to exchange. They started to become rich but that was something they actually didnt know, they were just thinking a way to survive. But Darvi wasnt happy , he wanted to learn more about the past of his colony and how the humans looked like. He decided to make wish real and paid for a travel that made Darvi specialise even more about trading and monetary stuff. Then he got hired in a station with humans and started to learn about them.

What do you like about this character?

He is very curious, excessively touchy and doesnt know about human rules or habits Also he is easily frightened

How would you rate your role-playing ability?


Notes: I think i have a lot of potential to roleplay but sadly my english stops me. I really hope my english improves with time as well as my roleplaying

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I don't know about the ap from a lore perspective but I do worry a little bit about words like Robust and not fearing death or pain as that's what I walk away with when I read,

Quote: "robust and isnt afraid of doing whats necesary to reach his objetives." I don't know if this refers to Cash or the new "Plant man" being applied for.

However I have spent many hours with Cash Hanigston in cargo and although I don't always agree when he dips into the realm of fuckle chuckery and crime, it would be a new challenge to see how this player handles being an alien race, I was given a chance at the privilege and I think everyone who applies should get that same chance, not much to lose otherwise and I think it could improve this players RP. +1 from me for whatever that's worth.

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Hello! When i said he was robust i was referring to "Cash". And the plant man is actually all the opposite. Anyways i fixed that since there is no point talking about my other characters here and could lead to confusion.

Thanks for your opinion, i must say i love your RP . And it makes me want to improve more. Iam learning from Kanza and how to treat with him. (I remember i wanted to torture you to become a cultish, a horrible idea considering Kanza's personality)

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Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes!

I don't think so, considering that your "dionaea ilustration" is just not right, dioneas are tree-like pile of dioneas bound together to form a bigger organism, not a green human with leaves.

The backstory, too. In our dionea lore page, there's never mentioned that dioneas have families. This could as well be a human, or tajaran backstory.

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You are right about the picture, wasnt really accurate. Its just so impossible to find a picture of an adult Dionaea in internet.

The story actually couldnt be a human or tajaran since they cant live exposed to toxins or high radiation. Also humans dont leave other humans because its not profitable and end communications . Wouldnt be ethic. They probably had to rescue them. The point here is that Dionaeas were left alone in planet far away and they didnt really care, just kep living their own lifes.

When i talk about family im adding a human concept to the story but the idea is they are a big group of related Dionaeas. Doesnt mean they behaviour like one.

Thanks for your reply

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