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Player Complaint: Spacevoidagent

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BYOND Key: Emily The Awsome

Player Byond Key: Spacevoidagent

Staff involved: Only ahelped, responded by Bakagaijin who suggested making a complaint to bring this to light.

Reason for complaint: Spacevoidagent had instigated an argument in OOC about the state of Tajarans, though I am unsure what brought it up. During the course he did make civil remarks about his side of the argument, but more often than not he made very rude remarks, even going as far as to use a site to make This message(Epilepsy/Flashing lights warning on that link) During the course of the 'discussion.' He had shown a level of OOC racism that is very off putting to myself and Tajaran players in general. Even to the point where, a brief moment of crossbreeding had come up (which was deemed impossible) about a half human/tajaran hybrid, he had stated "My character would kill all human catbeast hybrids." This kind of behavior I find rather repulsive. I was made aware, as well, that this is not the first instance as of which he has done this. I cannot really cite anything there, however, as I have not witnessed any of it myself.

Approximate Date/Time: 10/13/2015 at around 4:30 PM-5 PM Central US time.

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As somebody that was here, and thinks all fucking catbeasts must fucking hang, this is a majorly non-issue. So, this isn't worth a complaint in my eyes. He's literally obviously being a troll, so I moved on.

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I kinda gotta agree with Emily on this one. I know spacevoid from a previous server, and I know he's a good guy, but the amount of Tajaran hate that goes on in OOC chat is a little ridiculous. I understand having it as canon IC, but I feel like having it occur as much as it does in OOC actively discourages players from playing Tajaran characters, at least I know it does for me. I do feel like this really is a legitimate complaint. Keep all of the catbeast shit in IC.

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No, this is not a problem at all. Do any of you know what irony, sarcasm, or shitposting is?

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna side with SVA here. This is just ridiculous that you people are getting all offended over non-serious crap.

Seriously. He trolled you folks pretty hard, apparently to the point where you had to make a complaint about someone making unserious comments about catbeasts.

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Trolling or not, this is not the kind of behavior one would want associated with an entire server. Lately when I think of Aurora, I think of how much hate the Tajarans are getting OOC wise, even if it is just "trolling."

Trolling as a whole is not something that should be passed off as "Oh they are just trolling, ignore it." That just encourages trolling to continue MORE, because they know they can get away with it.

It's one thing if it's just a once in a while "fuck catbeasts" thing but this entire argument went on for over half an hour of constantly stating that All the Tajarans are slaves and should be forced only into the smallest of positions.

The core of the complaint here comes from all the shitting on Tajarans, both as a race and the actual players themselves. I have observed it over my time on the Aurora, but it came to a head for me tonight thanks to this all happening.

On top of that, SVA, you aren't trying to defend yourself in any manor. Just posting things about "topkek" here, in server saying things like "Triggered? lololol" which does go to credit that you ARE trolling. And I reitterate that trolling is not something that should be Tolerated.

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I don't get offended, and I'm currently not offended by the Tajaran hate. I just think the people who are doing the Tajaran hate are being dicks and I like to live by the rule of not being a dick. I also believe that there is a server rule against being a dick.

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Judging by your post I am assuming you are doing this on purpose to see how angry you can make people?

Whaaaaaat? no....

internet sarcasm


I'll take this as a yes you are, that violates rule one of don't be a dick, you have been talked to meny times about purposely trying to annoy people in the community.

I have what I need to come to a decision, this is a toxic attitude and is not something we are welcoming here.

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