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Complaints Wanted - Janet Fisher/Bellard

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The moment you've all been waiting for, when the babies finally shoot out of Janet, is upon us. And with that I've been thinking about redoing portions of her backstory since they were waaaaaay too snowflakey to begin with. So I decided to make one of these threads here. First, I'm going to list her information as is, and then I'm going to put down a list of things that I will definitely change about her. This stuff will be sans-pregnancy since that's going to end real soon.

Flavor Text:

A petite, young-looking woman who stands at a little less than 5 feet tall, with a slender body. She has a rather pale complexion and flowing, raven-black hair that hangs loosely around her shoulders.

She has high cheekbones and dark green eyes, and wears rimless prescription glasses. She appears friendly, albeit rather tired and worn out. She normally speaks with a subdued tone and with a very noticeable stutter.

Both of her hands have been amputated up to her forearms; her right leg has been amputated near her upper thigh. She has lithe mechanical prosthetics, composed of stainless steel bones and carbon fiber tendons. Her arms and upper torso are covered in long, jagged scars, which she attempts to hide with her clothing.

There is a gold ring in the shape of a double helix on the fourth finger of her left hand. On the inside is a Japanese word engraved in elegant script.


Employee/Medical Records:

Keep in mind that these are very out-of-date, and I didn't bother to change them as Janet's circumstances changed.




(Yes, I realize It's super-special-snowflakey and could have been done much better. At the time I was more focused on developing Janet's actual character, and her backstory was only a minor part of it so I didn't pay it too much mind and wrote this up in the middle of the night.)

Janet Susan Fisher was born on May 7th, in the year 2430 on Planet Biesel in the Tau Ceti system. She was the second child of Susan and Gerald Fisher, the first being Janet's older sister, Laura. From the very beginning, Janet's life has been plagued with tragedy. In the months preceding her birth, while her mother was excited that she was having another child, her father secretly considered the pregnancy a mistake, and told Susan to consider terminating it. Whe she refused, he went behind her back, mixing abortion medication into her food. When Sarah found out what her husband had done, she rushed down to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. A doctor at the hospital told her that while the drug in her bloodstream was too diluted to terminate the pregnancy. Gerald apologized profusely, but from then on until the day of Janet's birth, Susan remained suspicious of her husband.

When the day finally came, Susan was at work and had to be rushed to the hospital via helicopter, but Gerald was caught in a traffic jam. Janet was delivered via Cesarean Section, but due to complications in the procedure, Susan did not survive. When Gerald arrived at the hospital, he was informed of his wife's untimely passing. In his mind, he immediately blamed the newborn Janet for her death. He took up drinking and started coming home late at night. Gerald went from being a loving father of one to being an abusive father of two daughters. Responsibility for Janet's well-being was thrust upon Janet's older sister Laura, who took developed a sort of pseudo-maternal bond with her sister that has endured to the present day.

Early on, Janet displayed signs of great intelligence, but her father put her down any chance he got, sometimes with harsh words and sentiments, other times with his hands. Janet would always be too afraid of further punishment to tell anyone what happened, explaining away bruises and black eyes as products of simple clumsiness. Her sister, on the other hand, encouraged her to pursue academic ventures, telling her to sign up in advanced placement classes in school. At the age of 15, Janet had earned all of the academic credits necessary to graduate from secondary school. Laura was thrilled, but her father was enraged that Janet has the possibility of being successful and living a happy life when she had caused the death of the one person he held dear. He began beating her on a more regular basis, and once even sexually assaulted her while he was in a drunken state. She was able to escape his grasp and lock him in a closet, but once he sobered up he gave her another beating. Janet decided that she could not live like that anymore, and attempted to hang herself from a ceiling fan the next day. Laura happened to walk in just as Janet kicked away the chair she was using for support. She immediately got Janet down, saving her life. Her father just gave her another beating.

The next year, one of the more upscale universities on Biesel accepted Janet's application, but her father refused to pay any sort of tuition. Luckily, with help from her sister, Janet was able to acquire a grant offered by NanoTrasen that paid for all of her tuition and living expenses. In return, she would take up an position with their company once she graduated. At the prestigious Biesel Institute of Medical Sciences, Janet excelled. She was at the top of her class, even though she still not even an adult. She majored in genetic sciences, taking classes in psychology on the side. Janet was a favorite amongst her professors, who praised her for a strong work ethic and having a talented mind. After 8 years, Janet had earned a PhD in genetic sciences and a Bachlor's degree in psychology. NanoTrasen immediately offered her a position on their newly finished research vessel, the NSS Exodus. However, not even one month into her new job, tragedy struck again.

A large amount of slimes had escaped from captivity, and Janet was among the victims attacked. Somehow, an assistant acquired a fire axe and was attempting to kill the slimes with it. When he saw the slime attacking Janet, he swung wildly at it, but the axe went right through the slime, hitting Janet instead. After a few whacks, the assistant wound up chopping off her right hand and entire right leg. Bleeding to death and in immense pain, she was saved when the station's head of security, Grant Miller, arrived with a fire extinguisher and chilled the slimes to death. He dragged her to medbay, where the doctors were just barely able to stop the bleeding before she completely exsanguinated. The next two months were spent in a coma, where she was plagued by nightmares of her father. When she awoke, she found her missing limbs had been replaced with functional mechanical prosthetics. After another month of recovery, another month of physical therapy, and a hasty gauntlet of psychiatric evaluations, she was declared fit for duty and assigned to the Exodus's sister station, the NSS Aurora, where she is employed at present day.

Things I plan on definitely changing:

  • Janet's age - I plan on bumping it up a few years.
  • Janet's early life - I plan on changing the whole cliche sob story that is masquerading as a backstory here.


Things I plan on definitely keeping:

  • The stutter - Why? Because f-f-fuck y-you, that's w-w-why.
  • The scars - Because canon nuke round.
  • The prosthetics - Because robot limbs are gut.
  • The personality - I spent a long time developing who she is and how she acts.
  • The relationships - She has quite a few friends.

It goes without saying that things will be changed in this post as time goes along. So, suggestions?

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