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Permaban appeal

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BYOND Key: EvergreenGardens

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Skull132

Reason of Ban: Mopped the floor with fuel, which ended up causing a fire.

Reason for Appeal: Skull132 told me to write the definition of "chucklefuck". The definition is someone who "fucks with" others' gameplay for personal amusement. For example, mopping the floor with fuel.

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Okay, so I hope you understand that chucklefucking is generally a bad thing, and not something we permit, right? Specially when it's on repeated occasions, which I do believe your notes describe.

Describe to me why you are on Aurora, what kind of experience you're looking for, and I think we can conclude after that.

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While I do like to mess around, I also enjoy the roleplaying experience that the Aurora server offers. Although I don't often participate in the dialogue, I enjoy reading it while doing my job on the station.

Next time, instead of chucklefucking on the server, I'll make a request to the admins to be antagonist, or play on another server where I can just screw around and blow things up.

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