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Player Complaint - MoralsManners/Nikolas Kepplinger

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BYOND Key: SierraKomodo

Player Byond Key: MoralsManners, as Nikolas Kepplinger, Virologist

Staff involved: Japak

Reason for complaint: First off, he released a virus (Not sure which one exactly) that infected nearly the entire crew as far as I'm aware, on an extended round. This virus resulted in 8 or 9 people being dead, and out of the round, for a good hour, hour and a half (Some of them werent cloned and released until just before the shuttle was called). This virus resulted in an ERT being called, then eventually an emergency shuttle. After being arrested and while being questioned by security, he stated his intent was to infect and kill the non-human furries, and throughout his time in detainment, made comments like 'Im going to rape you' to female persons, 'Im going to murder your kids', and 'I hate furries like you', in character. I ahelped each of these issues, and barely got a response from staff (Just a k, thanks up until my last ahelp near round end, where Japak actually responded and said he'd handle it, although I see no evidence of anything actually having been done as the player wasn't banned, and he continued saying things even after that last ahelp response).

Approximate Date/Time: October 18, approximately 5:20 to 7:20 pacific standard time

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