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The ULTIMATE guide to Custodial Engineer (Janitor)

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Hello and welcome to my guide to being the Janitor (Or, as he should be called, the Custodial Engineer)!

In this guide I will help you through the following items:

  • 1. Custodial Setup (Cart and Loadout)

    2. Where to Clean

    3. How to Clean

    4. Proper Behavior


1. Custodial Setup

Your setup is very important, as it will either help you make it as a custodial engineer, or break it for you as a custodial engineer.

First off, you need to make your way to the custodial closet, if you're not there already. Upon entering you'll see many things laying across the tables, floors, and lockers of the room- but don't worry I can help you sort all of this out. The first thing you need to worry about is the gear you'll have on your person. Open the purple level-3 biohazard suit closet and dawn the suit inside of it. You never know when a hazardous item may sneak up on you during your work, whether it be a disease or a vampire, this suit might just save you're life (In my experience, the janitor is the easiest target to trick for a vampire- that is, if they don't know what they're doing!)

After you've done this, you'll need to remove your custodial PDA from your belt slot and move it to your biohazard suit slot (This slot appears as a vest with a belt around it). After this, remove your shoes and through them in the disposal shoot, you'll no longer need those old things, and put on the yellow galoshes (These prevent you from slipping on wet floors at any speed!). You'll then want to put on the gloves from the closet as well.

After you put on all the previous gear I've mentioned, the only items left in the closet should be a trash bag, 4 yellow wet-floor signs, and a spare jumpsuit and hat. Don't worry about any of this just yet, I'll get to it in just a bit!

You'll want to head due south, to the table. You'll want to put the 3 brand foaming space cleaner (or as I call them, foam bombs) into your janibelt.

There should be two boxes of both mouse traps and replacement lights, grab one of each and put them in your backpack (or a duffel bag, as I prefer).

Now the remaining items in your room that you need to worry about are the items left in the locker (minus the spare jumpsuit and hat), the custodial cart, a bucket, and a mop and the light replacer and space cleaner on the table.

Grab the four wet-floor signs and put them on the cart by simply having them in your active hand and clicking on the cart. Do the same with a mop, light replacer, and space cleaner. and the trashcan.

After loading your cart with items you might have realized the distinct lack of water in said cart- no worries you have a water dispenser! Grab the bucket, right click it and select "Set Transfer Amount"- set it to the highest amount. Do the same with the water dispenser. Now you'll want to begin transferring water from the dispenser, into the bucket, and then the custodial cart. (Just ignore the mop bucket, it's far less superior than the custodial cart.) After the custodial cart is full, fill the bucket one more time and CLICK it to put the lid on. Store it in your backpack in case you run out of water in your cart.

That's it! You're fully prepped to begin the best job on the station!

A note about the mop- while mopping, if you need to put the mop back on the cart for any reason, it will have to be fully wet to store it away. Not sure why it is, but it is.

2. Where to clean

The thing I love about space station 13 is that the messes are dynamic, meaning they are never in no set location on round start (except one, which I'll get to very soon!).

You should roam the station, asking each department as you pass it if there is any messes that needs cleaning (This includes blood, trash, dirt, and anything that the department would classify as a mess that needs you to clean it.)

If you happen upon a department that requires cleaning, simply ask either the AI or the departmental staff to let you in. Once in reference the "How to Clean" section on how to clean it.

I also find that after mass shootings and viral illnesses are the best times to go on patrol, since they're will be blood and puke in both situations to clean.

Areas in which will be dirty EVERY round start.

The prison block (which includes the cells AND the area for prisoners to roam freely) will always be dirty upon round start. To clean the free roam area, simply ask for permission to enter and drop a foam bomb in there (Click it whilst it's in your hand and drop it- five second fuse) right dead on the vent. This should get that entire room except for under the table, you'll have to do that with a mop. Then ask for further permission to mop up the cells.

3. How to Clean

This is rather a hot topic in the custodial community- how clean.

Some custodial engineers say that you could just order foam bombs and use those only- which I say a big fat NO to.

Here are some easy tips to remember:

If it's a mess covering the entire room, foam bomb.

Anything else, mop.

And now on to how to actually clean up messes.

To use the foam bomb, simply click it whilst it's in your active hand and drop it. It will promptly explode filling your general area with foam.

To mop, you'll want to click your custodial cart and select the mop. Then click the custodial cart again to wet the mop. You should then click on any floor tiles that have a mess on them, and wait patiently for the mess to clean.

NOTE: Do not move whilst mopping a floor, it will restart the process.

Regarding wet-floor signs

Only use this in high-traffic areas, such as medbay and the hallways. Otherwise, you may never get them back. To avoid getting in trouble for this, at the round start broadcast THIS message over the radio:

"ATTENTION CREW: Custodial Engineer (Full Name) is now on duty! If you see any wet floors, or wet-floor signs WALK, or you run the risk of injury. Furthermore, if you see any messes report them to me ASAP! Thank you."

This message relieves you of any liability, as you could easily say you sufficiently warned the crew of the danger, and that if they slip they did not pay attention, or look for wet floors.

4. Proper Behavior

This is an easy one- you're only duty is to clean the station. If somebody is preventing from entering a dirty area, take it up with Internal Affairs.

Overall, just don't be rude and everything is good.

If you have any questions, comments, or tips for the Custodial Engineer Position, ask away!

Jim Hascrow- the best fucking Custodial Engineer

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Janitor seems like the only role worth playing on murderhobo servers. But around aurora, things tend to be fairly clean i've never really had much fun as janitor here, not enough to do


Try cleaning the maintenance shafts. Playing as a janitorial android is fun.

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