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Tau Ceti Obituaries

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OOC: Feel free to post your own character obituaries, whether they're for characters on the Aurora, friends/family of characters, or someone not related to the station at all.


Azaela Nejem

2424 - 2457

Azaela Nejem passed away while on duty aboard the NSS Aurora, a NanoTrasen corporate owned research vessel located in the Tau Ceti system, on October 20, 2457. She was born in 2424 on Adhomai with two siblings - Dahlia Nejem, currently a teacher in New Mendell; and Eremerus Nejem, currently a local business owner who owns three bars in the Little Adhomai district.

Azaela and her two siblings each attended the Biesel Institute in Mendell City, graduatiing at the same time in 2448 with masters degrees in Business Management. Azaela went on to a manager position at Hammond Freight Company, based in Mendell City, a year later. Five years later, after NanoTrasen bought out and closed down Hammond Freight Co, Azaela was employed with NanoTrasen as a part of their Cargo Freight, Internal Affairs, and Head of Personnel departments.

To respect the wishes of Azaela's family, her cause of death will not be made public. A private funeral service for friends and family will be held on the 26th of October, 2457.

She leaves behind no children or spouse.

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Mrychny sits infront of his computer, the news flashing across the bottom of one of his nearby TVs. He did not know the catbeast well, but he worked with her none the less. In either a fit of respect for the Tajara, or his own silly pride, he leans forward in his chair, typing a simple 'F' into his keyboard before getting up and walking off.
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Gregory Mason

2377 - 2457

Dr. Gregory John Mason passed away the 19th of October at Rosedale Hospital, Hengsha, New Gibson. In his struggle with heart disease, he was surrounded by his loving family before he passed on.

He was predeceased in death by his beloved wife, Lilia Opal Mason-Williams.

He was survived in death by his children, James Matthew Mason, Samantha Lilia Mason, and Maxwell Charles Mason. Also surviving is his sister, Agatha Christina Stone.

Funeral services will be held 5:00 PM Saturday October 24 2015 at the Brookewells Funeral Home 633 Johannes Ave. The family will receive visitors at the funeral home 1 to 4 Saturday before the service.

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Alexander D. Maldin

2372 - 2457

Alexander D. Maldin was pronounced dead on the scene of an explosion in lower Mendell City. The cause of the explosion is as of yet unknown, and under investigation by Sol Alliance and NanoTrasen Officials.

Alexander D. Maldin was predeceased in death by his wife, Kaylee Maldin.

He is survived in death by his daughter, Shiela Maldin. His brother Marcus Maldin, and his sister Mirajane Justice.

Alexander's Body will be held for autopsy, before being cremated in a private ceremony.

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Katrina Merryweather Silvers

2394 - 2457

Doctor Katrina Silvers, PhD in robotics and synthetic intelligences, passed away on the morning ov November 9, 2457, in St. Joseph's Hospital in New Mendell, Biesel. She was admitted last week after a sudden heart attack. An investigation is currently being conducted under suspicions of malpractice.

Doctor Silvers was most well known for her work with synthetic intelligences - Particularly the intelligences identified as Katana and Kunai, whom are currently contracted out with the corporate entity NanoTrasen.

Doctor Silvers leaves behind a husband and no children. Funeral services will be held on Friday, November 13, 2457, alongside the reading of the last will and testament.

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