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Ban BS.

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Okay. I got banned cause my computer crashed and i never got to explain my story. i will explain it here and hopefully you have a better understanding. First this kid named "Kdog" came to syndicate base (i was a syndicate gangster and he was a pro thief) He was walking around with a black market dealer named Finga. I bought a gun from Finga and few mins later i get RDM by Kdogg. He tells Finga "Come on Finga lets go!" And w as kinda mad and i was yelling at him. but I didnt really care because i could by another weapon. so i go into town to get an m4. like 15 mins kdogg comes back with two other pro thiefs while my crew left to raid mafia. i was over down the street from the tunnel that leads to the mansions. i followed them and they had guns and everything. so i told my crew which was led by a guy named colton. i said "i think theives are going to raid our base so come back". i saw them waiting in front of the base so i told syndicate that it was confirmed. when syndicate arrived by car, everyone started shooting each other so i assumed it was some kind of fight. i did what a gang member would do and help fight with syndicate. kdogg ran at me with an ak so i thought he was going to kill me so i killed him. then his friend strawberries killed me. i soon come back to by a gun and kdogg was there. (keep in mind that this was after both of our deaths). I see tyhe thieves but i leave to go into base. Soon admins spawn me and i see kdogg and strawberries. They said i RDM and broke NLR. Funny cause kdogg did the same exact thing except i didnt tell because he didnt bother me as much as most would. I was trying to explain how he RDM me first but then my screen went black. assuming it crashed, i shut off Gmod and i tried to return to explain but then it says i was banned by piss something but a friend calls him platapus or soemthing. but yes. those kids lied about me also killing strawberries. they just wanted me banned. at that is exactly what they got. i just did the same thing kdogg did to me and i got banned for it. he didnt even get into trouble. i thought it was bs and maybe your admins should unban me and wait for me to actually try and return so i could explain. thanks for reading.

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