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[Accepted] Jetmaster unban appeal

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byond login: jetmaster

ban length: perma i think

banned by callum99877

reason of ban insulting for 5 minutes prison sentence

reason of appealing is that I am sorry, I dont like other servers because I want to play with high rp, i did not know what the game is about and now i have learned. that was my first day and i thought i was gonna get in prison forever, i didnt even know that rounds were something being reseted. I am sorry.

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Right so, it looks like when you ahelped over your displeasure towards a prison sentence you where incredibly rude and abusive to one our staff, why did you decide to take your frustration out on them like this and if i unban you here how do i know it wont be a problem in the future?

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sir, i never played a game like this before. when i was the graphics i automatically thought about fonline2238 or ultima online, so my perspective was much more dangerous world and free to kill zones. i was not unable to understand what was going on and i wont do the same behaviour in the future because i will always keep my distance with bad behaviour in game and i will also keep my distance from your staff too, by being a good player. i just liked the format of the server more comparing to the others, heavy rp with people on their own duty, seems correct for the game. thats it sir, i just want to play again in this server

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Alright, so if unban you then you agree to FIRST re-read our rules and understand the conduct expected of players here? and that if staff DO pm you that you will remain as respectful as we do during PMs? Finally there wont be much leniance shown if you do break this rule again but so long as you agree to all of this i have no problem giving you a second chance.

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