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Door Kickers

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Mother. Fucking. Door Kickers.




Found this a day or so ago. Been playing almost nonstop since. This is a game where you take control of a SWAT team from a top-down perspective, giving them orders and generally acting as a chessmaster as you oversee their missions. This game is the lovechild of Rainbow Six and Hotline Miami, with an amazing mix of meticulous planning and intense high-stakes action; missions can sometimes take hours to get perfect, but when you finally hit the right formula, it's a sight to behold.




This game is Nintendo hard, as your troopers are as vulnerable as the bad guys to sustained automatic weapons fire. Luckily, as missions tend to last a minute at most anyway, you can restart and try out new loadouts for your troopers, and different breaching tactics; in this game, variety is the key to success. It has 100 single missions and several more included in three separate campaigns, each featuring different floorplans and layouts, and bad guys with increasingly better equipment as you go along. Not to mention the random mission generator and mission editor functions that give this game almost unlimited replayability.

In short, throw all of your money at this game. All of it.


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