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A place to talk about rounds

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So I had this thought recently and while watching one of the most off the wall rp-rev rounds it got me thinking, people talking to each other after rounds.

There's been a pattern that I have seen quite a lot where people will bitch and moan about things happening in a round after it happens and start pointing fingers, then some of the people listen to the people in ooc/skype and then change how they feel about the situation with a clearer picture or reasoning.

but that doesn't always happen quickly so complaints get made or thread get made in general that have messages like "I don't want anyone punished, I just want to know why"

What about a sub-forum for talking/arguing/resolving past rounds without fear that someone is going to get in trouble for something posted(that would need to be put in player complaints to happen)?

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Well, this presents two separate ideas: one is that disputes may arise from a specific round, and the other is that disputes may arise from a specific player.

When a round goes bad, it's always due to the actions of players (I mean, it's not by magic. I wish, plus magic would be kinda cool.) However, an issue with complaints is that they might be putting too much focus on people rather than events.

The counterargument to that is that events might not be player-centric (something might happen because of conditions or rules rather than because of a certain player's mentality), but they are always interlinked to one or more players. On that aspect, having a separate forum for "round complaints" would be redundant.

However, a second counterargument could be that such a forum could help alleviate some of the focus players receive unjustly.

A third counterargument could be that such a forum could also bring an even greater negative connotation to player complaints, and that further care should simply be taken to reinforce the presence of complaint forums as places for discussion rather than accusation and punishment.

Thoughts? I'm just spitballing here.

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I like this idea. There's often a lot of unanswered questions at the end of a round and it'd be nice to have a place to talk about them. Not everything that goes horribly wrong deserves a complaint, after all, and knowing why it went so horribly wrong often lets people feel less butthurt about it.

And on a more positive note, awesome stuff sometimes happens that many people miss. It's always good to know about awesome stuff.

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Honestly? I'm against this. It seems to me like what it would turn into is a place for people to shit stir/be passive aggressive as much as they want. Or even, not as much as they want. They'll go there thinking that they can stir shit and be passive aggressive as much as they want, and it would become the focus of a lot of wrist-slapping from server/forum staff.

Perhaps, if it's kept nice and tidy, with none of what I just talked about above, it could be good as long as it remains civil. None of that, "you always murder people because [reasons] :^)"

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I have a pretty firm belief that people get angry and therefore bitch and moan about rounds because they have no empathy and don't consider the other side. They immediately jump to the worst case scenario instead of thinking "You know what? This might have been roleplayed. Maybe I should play along and see how this turns out."

However considering the generally shitty mentality people have adopted a lot of tension has risen in the community between each other and Cake's projection seems not unlike what I expect it to become. Unless it was heavily regulated - while I see some good coming from it - I can only see the same, if not more, bad also coming from it.

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