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Writing Flavor Texts!

Dea Tacita

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So, I frequently find myself bored with nothing to do. And I enjoy writing, so I'll write flavor-texts if anyone cares for me to.

And as a reminder, I will do Skrell, Human and Humanish IPCs, no Tajaran/Unathi/Dionaea as of yet.

Any I'm working on will be listed below




Here's the ones I have done

William Myers (Doomberg's)


General : William is a man appearing to be in his early forties of a mid-tone caucasian complexion that looks to stand somewhere between 185-190cm height-wise and looks to weigh between 65-72kg

Head : Overall, William has a moderately thin head, looking slightly thin in comparison to the rest of his body. His hair is styled simply, being relatively short in length and arranged in a formal style. Though once black in color, much of his hair has grayed with age. Leaving little but the root as the original raven black on most of his head. On the sides of his head sits his pair of oversized ears which hang slightly further out than looks natural.

Face : Generally-speaking, Will’s facial features are largely strong, albeit lightly marked with the beginning signs of age, with deep marionette lines framing his semi-thin mouth. Above his mouth hangs a long-bridged nose ending with a somewhat large tip.

Eyes : William’s eyes are rather large in size, and deeply set in their sockets, hanging below his prominent brow, with its thick black eyebrows. His eyes themselves are largely blue in coloration, being noticeably darker around the rim of his sclera, and lightening to a sort of greenish hue towards the pupil.


Crystal Brookes (Letz Shake)

General : Crystal is a human woman that appears to be in her late thirties or early forties of a mid-tone caucasian complexion, that looks to stand between 149-153 cm height-wise and looks to weigh somewhere between 74-76 kg. Generally speaking, she looks to be somewhat overweight

Head : Overall, Crystal’s head is noticeably small in comparison to the rest of her frame. Her ginger hair is styled in a somewhat plain manner, draping down in the back just enough to touch the tips of her shoulder blades, while being tucked behind her ear on the left and draping over it on the right to touch the very end of her neck.

Face : In regards to features, masculine would be the most suitable word to describe Crystal’s face. With sharply sloping jawbones meeting together at her strongly defined, slightly pointed chin. Above her chin sits her small, thin lips and above that her moderately bulbous nose, peppered along its bridge and up to her forehead with pumpkin orange freckles.

Eyes : Crystal’s eyes themselves are large in size, hanging below her thin yet sharply defined brow and it’s full, ginger-red eyebrows. Her irises themselves are small in comparison to her eye-size, and are a cornflower blue across their entirety.

Hands : Both of Crystal’s hands are marked across their knuckles and fingers with small, jagged scars that look to be several years old at least. Just above the knuckles of her right hand is a coloured tattoo of “POW!” in large cartoon-style blue text, surrounded by an equally cartoonish outline in yellow and red.

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How does this work?


Just say that you want me to write it, give any details that you want included and name.


I mean, you can't really write a description based on a characters sprite, thats the point of the flavour text, and if you ask someone to explain to you what a character looks like, wouldn't they just be able to write their text with what they told you?


I wrote the second flavor-text for Doom with "Greying black hair, 40 years old, male" as the details he gave me. Some people just don't enjoy/don't want to write flavor-texts. And I can work with that.

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https://i.imgur.com/gZM6quw.png - I have a bit of a picture reference for her, anyway. Crystal, my CMO.

She's quite short, a bit stoutly built. 37 years old. She doesn't show her age too much, and is generally decently energetic. She's got a somewhat masculine face.

aurorastation.org/r/records/index.php?uid=letzshake_crystalbrookes Here's her records for reference.

If you need more information let me know because I'm really not sure what else to say (which is why I didn't write it myself)

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Could you do Inis?

A slender young woman with long, red hair, green eyes, and pale skin; dark grey lines crisscrossing her skin across her upper body. She stands at around 6’3”, walking with quick strides.





FT found a picture of lightning scars too.




Original Inis for face shape/ hair style.

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