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No one from France in the Community, right?

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I know we got a lot of people around Europe. I just hope everyone is okay. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, turn on the news.) I'm simply - gosh, speechless. My heart goes out to the victims.

Watching the news and seeing how cold-hearted these attacks were, it reminded me a little too much of our games with the harmless syndicate network we play here. I think I'm going to take some time off of SS13 (again).

Stay safe.

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I hope these pretty grim news don't prevent people from being able to relax and spend their free time here - playing in the community can be really good for people who are looking for a change of mind.

I don't think anybody should feel guilty for enjoying the kind of roleplay we have here - it's perfectly possible to dissociate fiction from reality, while still remaining respectful and keeping a good understanding of real world happenings.

Those that struggle with dissociating our play from those events shouldn't be forced to stay here, obviously, and I guess it really is a sensitive topic. Nothing wrong with wanting to take a break. I'm sure a lot of people will be affected by today's attacks :(

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France didn't bow down when the English contested their lands.

France didn't bow down when the Axis threatened dominance.

France didn't bow down when the Nazis were marching the street of Paris.

France will not bow down to this newest threat.

My heart goes out to you, France. See you once these wasps are done with.

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All i can really do right now is to offer my condolences about the tragedy in France. Being tracking the news since yesterday evening. My brother is in France now.

I can feel their pain clearly because similar shit or even worse is going on in my country every cursed day. I've lost several of my best friends because of terrorists.

I am forced to run away from it in real life and here, i am fugitive and Aurora is my little shelter, and i am thankful for that.

Not sure if i actually told what i mean, it's just very difficult to express your real feelings on foreign language, hope you understand, sorry.

Photo of France embassy in our Capital, people are bringing flowers since 2:00 am (local time GMT+2):


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I really give my deepest condolences to everyone who has friends on France or any relatives there. It's just monstrous and unthinkable for that to even happen. Hell, even after i heard the news, and read the aftermath.. i will light up a candle just for France for the people that didnt deserved it. You have my symphaty France... Stay strong, for united we are stronger.

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Great, youtube is exploitating a terrorist attack to throw an event on their homepage

I can't wait for 'Eagles of Death Metal concert shooting pranks gone sexual', fucking hell


you sound really stupid right now

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Looks like Buzzfeed was the first to joke about it

This is the headline image for a buzzfeed article, what did I fucking tell you

And Skype has changed the heart emote to a French flag. What stupid shit

Corporations like Google and Skype have so much fucking money but instead of using their funds to conduct actual relief and assistance they just change an emote or a picture to a flag or France.

"Oh look at how much we care lmao" try actually helping make people feel better you selfish assholes, changing an emote to brag about how big of a difference you've made to help France is boastful, invasive, and downright disrespectful

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