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If humans never came to Adohmai...

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I like to imagine this is what would happen in their future.


It fits so well too! Feral could be Zhan, and most of the enforces seem to be M'Sai, if you push it. Manx, Callie, and T-Bone would clearly all be Njarir. T-Bone even has stripes, come on. Razor would be obviously Hharar. IPCs are a reality with the Metallikats.


Also, the original developers are having a kickstarter to reboot the series. You should totally check it out.

I am seriously considering backing them for that sweet hoodie. It might cost a bit of moolah, but come on. Hoodie. That's very tempting.

No, this is not a conveniently disguised thread to promote the kickstarter. IT is a place to discuss how close our Tajarans are to these kats.

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