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Hows does Staff Hierarchy Work?



This question came up while I reviewing my mop application. I was going to ask, on the app, if there was some sort of head moderator for the forum, like on the server. Then I realized I was an idiot and and there is no such thing as a head moderator, but there IS a head admin. How do staff report to each other? Id think it was something like-

Head Admin


Server Mods

-And then the forum mods being separate, reporting directly to the head admin. Or is it like what I thought above, except both the admins and mod are equals, and both report to the head admin. Either the way, the most important part of my question is, is there any sort of "leader" for the forum moderators? The rest of this is just curiosity.

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The Leaders

The Head Admin and Head Developer are the two highest ranking members of staff. They are responsible for the "core" teams of the server -- the two teams assigned the most precedence, consideration and resources. In the absence of one, the other is expected to carry out both duties until a suitable future arrangement is found, unless the absent leader assigned an interim leader. (This is how I've ended up being the Interim Head Admin twice: neither Head Admin assigned a direct replacement.) Equality also dictates that the Head Admin and Head Developer are responsible for keeping each other in check.

The other leaders, such as Kekboot (Lore Master) and Gollee (DO Leader), basically receive their power and space to work with from the Head Developer and Head Admin. The Head Dev and Head Admin basically enable the other leaders to work.

The Teams

4 teams, all separated from one another, with the exception of the Admins. This means that a lore writer cannot tell a moderator what to do, a moderator cannot tell a developer what to do, etcetera. Admins are slightly higher, and are basically woven into the DO and Lore teams as advisers with capacity to hold or overrule, as necessary. This is mainly because the Admins are responsible for bringing to life whatever devilish creation the lore team wants to propose this time around, for example.

The hierarchy of The Administration & Moderation Staff is relatively simple:

Head Admin -> Primary Admin -> Secondary Admin -> Moderator/Forum Moderator -> Trial Moderator.

Though, note. This is the idealized hierarchy, or the on-paper one. The reality of the situation is that we all huddle up and cry in the corner together, instead of going to the next person of rank.

The other teams have arrangements that are a lot more flat. That is to say, there is simply a leader and followers. A Duty Officer Corps Leader for the Duty Officer Corps, and his assortment of DOs. Lore Master for the Lore Team, and his assortment of writers. A Head Developer for the Development Staff, and then his specialized developers, whether they be mappers, coders, etcetera.

I hope that answered the question. Most of this info can be found here: http://aurorastation.org/staff.php

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