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LiquidRecluse complain

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BYOND Key: LiquidRecluse (not 100% sure just guessing from one LOOC)

Staff BYOND Key: Killerhurtz (said my death was ok)

ICC name: Aldabert Von Krieger

Reason for complaint:

- Being a dick rule. Kills a player without a valid reason to do so

- Takes the HOS ID who went SSD for geting into armory and get lethal wepons just to kill me

This rounds starts with the wizard "Hoang-Duong Magic" He came peacefuly with his change staff and decided to do some "Magic tricks" in hydroponics. He transformed a nymph into a Xenomorph and the xeno started laying eggs and do that purple things. Then he transformed it into a vox, monkey, borg, skrell. I was working as warden and Alabert was a security officer. When asked to him about what the hell was happening at hydroponics he said it was "Magic" nothing to worry about. I was really worried but the show continued transforming into lot of things. Then accidentaly the wizard transforms me into an Alien Larva and i decide to RP as a larva crawling into vents, hiding and evolving into a xeno.

I started to lay my eggs in engineering just like the other xeno did in hydroponics. i tried to RP as a xeno all the time, and ""Me"" that was umcofortable with people around. The officer came with the wizard and the wizard decided to transform me into other things. Monkey, human, etc. He said "Bad Warden".. I didnt harm anyonne just keep standing there. Then he transform me into a cyborg and asked me to clean all the mess. I said "affirmative " and started to help removing the purple things with welding tool. Also said "procesing request" since was my first time as engineer drone so was geting used to.

I was a borg for a while. But then the wizard says something like "lame" or "boring" and decides to transform me into other thing, a monkey. And says "want to arrest him?" and also "if he is a borg he has laws to follow" and then back to an alien. I was standing all the time not even moving. And the officer pulls his lethal gun and kills me. :shock::shock::shock::shock: Then started to walk all around the station with my xeno corpse and finaly puting it into the brig evidence lockers.

Important points

- I didnt hurt or was never a threat

- Security that was only Alabert at that time seemed to help the wizard all the time inspite wizard transformed his work mate into an alien. I mean seriously what was he expecting ? Me To still act like a human when i wasnt a human anymore????

- Finally decent security came to the station and decided to set to arrest the wizard for another thing i wasnt paying attention, since i was talking to staff member Killerhurtz who talked to this player but didnt resolve anything

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Well, I'm the player who was playing Frankie Zitzmann, the scared engineering apprentice who was headed down to break room to check the power and cameras, and noticed your xeno setting up. Reasonably scared, he immediately reported the unknown alien entity to security, and when you came at the window and started bashing it, he ran off in order to avoid being killed. This was all, appropriately, communicated over the comms system to the security officer, who came down and engaged. So, 'never a threat' simply isn't true from an IC standpoint.

However, although I might agree with Aldabert's actions ICly at THAT point, I can't help but understand your position. A security officer who is fine with the superiors he doesn't like being transformed, and who insists that people 'stomp on him' should they see him... well, I don't think I need to say any more.

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I'll read through some logs the following day/s.

However, touching SSDs is a big no.

Also, shooting a xenomorph who just layed eggs is a gray area. There is a big purple/black alien who just layed eggs so yeaah.

But, I will read through logs to get a better 'view' on the situation

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I was the trial mod who answered this issue.

Let's start.

First, he most likely called you a 'bad warden' from worming away. I'm not condemning it - IC it's a reasonable thing to do.

Second - from what the reports gave, the 'nymph' that went through a xenomorph phase was very fast - in the meanwhile, Madpredare here seemed to have been a xenomorph for an extended period of time (before shortly cycling into different things and then getting back a xenomorph). And engineering was a MESS of xeno stuff. The reason given as to why the security officer killed him is because they FELT their extended lifespan as an unknown alien was a threat. And at the time that they transformed and killed you (which must have happened quite late because I connected right before the death, one hour and a half into the round), you had the time to completely cover engineering in purple slime (with some resin walls). Now I'm not an expert - but I'm pretty sure that takes some time.

The fact that you were never a threat is irrelevant - you could have been and you were not crew anymore, as such it was IMO a reasonable assumption. Especially since the fact that you were transformed in the first place was an accident.

Third, you were never a threat - that may true. But until the accident, neither was the wizard. And once they were done dealing with you and discussing, over comms, the proper procedure, they DID attempt to arrest the wizard (not sure if it was successful or not).

Plus there's DMD's report that apparently you WERE a potential threat - which does not surprise me, honestly.

On top of that, the ID being stolen from an SSD person is, as far as I can tell, simply a lie. I asked LiquidRecluse on the matter, and they told me that the HoS gave them the ID before they were SSD. I told you that, and to be honest, I am quite disappointed you ignored it.

Finally, I DID resolve this, ruling in favor of the death being legitimate. The issue here is that MadPredare disagrees with my resolution.

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What I forgot to mention was:

If the infractions described in the complaint have already been dealt with by a staff member in-game, a player complaint will not change the outcome of this. If you feel that the outcome was unjust, you are encouraged to post in the Staff Complaints section of the forums.

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