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Fritz_Kuhn's Alien Whitelist Application - Skrell

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BYOND Key: Fritz_Kuhn

Character Names: Robert Spenlow, Samuel Czechi, Maurice Hanson

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): White (Aliosian Skree)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I have Always been Particularly Interested in Races besides human- Mainly because its somthing To switch things up, But I am most interested in the skrell. My personal reasons? I find the Skrell's history and culture very intriguing within the lore we have, As it shares many things that peak my intrests Examples of some of those intrests are, but not limited too, The Superiour Intelligence of most skrell and the advanced technological capibilities of the race,I personal believe it could be used to further Role-play on a Peaceful and intresting level that would create fun for everyone. Their likeness to humans but yet their difference, I think its a good alien to chase after for a fist application, they are much like the humans- but slightly different, there isn't alot that is hard to understand about them from a human-players perspective and I like that, yet I like the differnces and uniqueness they can bring to the table compared to humans as well. Also- We really don't have enough skrell players on the server and this is a wonderful, beautiful race with SO much potential and alot of people seem to let it slide by, that makes me very very sad...And I want to help remedy that situation, so why not Add to the skrell population of the server in the easiest way I can? Becoming one.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Oh gosh- Where do you even start with this one? The skrell have an interesting set of roleplay mechanics I would enjoy using- for one I veiw them personally as kind of the de-facto "big brother" figures of the other races, having been around longer and being more advanced- but still wanting to reach out and work with them, not having a superiority complex /too much/, Sharing knowledge and Teaching the others...well, humans at least, And I have always been a fan of being that role. Another big difference is the Intricate inter-politics of the skrell when interacting with one another- all the sub-races of the skrell are so very diverse and intresting in their own accord, Truly no one skrell is alike the other and I think that would be a fun mechanic for coming in contact with another skree-brethren.


Character Name: Rinoi Warufsh (RIN-OY WARF-USH)

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Rinoi was born to a humble hatch of fifteen offspring, his mother and father were very typical Aliosian Skree, the entire family lived in a moderate subterranean home on their home-world of Sralaark (Aliose to non-skree) Living comfortable and cozy daily lives. His mother practiced Culinary-Arts from many different corners of the universe, often blending them...or...attempting to at the very least, while Rinoi's Father Worked as a Bio-engineer for the Federation. They Were not Wealthy, There were not special in any way- just a typical, Average Skree family on alosia...That is, They were...Until Rinoi grew into a young teenager...

Rinoi Was Very strange for a typical skree- it was noticeable almost immediately, his emotions were much more potent then those around him- he wanted to do illogical things out of curiosity, He was...A rebel, by all intensive purposes, Totally Swept up in the culture and history of The Xeno's around the galaxy he buried himself in E-books Day and night- reading about them all, The humans, the dionae, the unathi, the tajara. Even the Vaurcae and Vox. He wanted to go to places- Dangerous places to see their culture first hand like Adhomai, Moghes and ourea. But as time went on he found himself Burying himself more and more in his personal studies rather then his academic studies, this turned out to be a pain for him once his father forced him into the Nralakk Institute of Bio-Mechanics and robotics, Something he /really/ did not care for. Eventually- Enough was enough and he did what any young teenager who "knows everything" would do- he packed up his bags, Snagged some credits and left, Course set...For...Moghes, He had a rough time Getting into the planet but eventually- he was allowed residency.

Rinoi stayed on moghes for a good Ten years, bathing himself in the unathi's Primitive culture and influence even becoming employed by the Izweski nation themselves as an Archaeologist, but he still wanted more- to dig..deeper- that's when it hit him, Surgeon, he wanted to be a surgeon! of course! The opportunity to legally and safely dissect and study every little thing that got an injury that required a good ol' fashioned scalpel... He set off once again- Pulling all the credits from his account onto a single charge card and Setting course for Mendel City- Where he enrolled in a local medical university. Graduating with full honors at the top of his class in Medical practice,Anatomy, Virology and Chemistry quickly, easily and even a bit earlier than the rest of his class. Taking notice of his Heritage and Profound academic skills he was plucked out of the bunch by a Nanotrasen Employer- One thing led to another and quickly he was on his way to being employed as a surgeon for nanotrasen...and well, the rest is history or- really all of that was.

What do you like about this character? Well- My favorite part about Rinoi is that he is, Different- Withing different. I mean not only is he a skrell but he is a /weird/ skrell...but not /too/ weird y'know? Just an out of the box kinda guy and I really like that Idea- I am very excited to be able to play as him someday (sooner rather then later- hopefully :D).

How would you rate your role-playing ability? ohhhh boy...To be honest? About a six...ish? I think I am slightly above the average bracket...possibly? but I still have /a lot/ to learn And I definitely won't deny that- I am also still working out the very fine tuned points of English and what not so...yeah about a Six out of ten.


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(Seriously though. I know it's not going to be like that, but I giggled at the thought of a Skrell Samuel. Regardless, you're an awesome RPer who knows what they're doing, and are willing to learn when you're not.)


Thanks man, I appreciate it alot.

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That was fast!

I will look at updating the species' wiki page, and then we can get started on approving applications.


Alrighty then! Sounds like a plan. If you wanna talk about the Skrell stuff with anybody- Your always welcome to messege me here on the forums or in the client. I'm always super excited about skrell stuff, and always available for discussing things/ opinions. Available at all times!

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(or started any Tajaran orgies) I will be glad to accept your application. :)


That's a pretty real risk for Fritz, actually

But he's not a bad writer or RPer. I imagine having a character who is less likely to be romantically inclined will be a good change of pace for him.

Also, more skrell is a very good thing.

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