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Vur's ERT Dog Tags


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BYOND Key: Serveris6

Character name: Vur K'rlislav

Item name:ERT KittyDog Tags

Why is your character carrying said item to work? The majority of Vur's 24 year career to Nanotrasen has been served under the Fleet Security Force, under the emergency response team. Although they have been added to the rotational roster for Security Heads, they still are occasionally rotated into deploying response team squads. They would be wearing their dog tags even whilst not actively deployed.

Item function(s): Standard functions for holobadge/the currently existing dog tags. Ability to be clipped to uniforms, and displayed to those in view.

Item description: The standard description, 'Tpr. K'rlislav - Security

Item appearance: Holographic dog tags.

Additional comments: I might be able to code this in myself; my GitHub on my computer is being really screwy at the moment, though. I'll (continue) look into trying to get it sorted out in the meantime that this is left open for review.

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