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Dwarf Fortress succession fort 2.0

Guest Bokaza

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Turn: Killerhurtz

Embark: 1

Version: Masterwork 0.34

Race: Dwarves

Tileset: Masterwork - Ironhand (Important to avoid visual bugs)

Save link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1khgvqhmmbr0n0k/AAAm0A44V2CuMcE2Z6X78xDUa?dl=0

Rules: Each player will have 1 year of in-game time and 1 week to finish their turn. Players that fail to finish their turn within a week will be harassed prompted by me for the status of their turn. Unless they ask for more time, they will be skipped. Players that fail to respond and start their turn within more than a few days of it coming up will be skipped and placed below the next player on the turn list, until such time that they are ready to take the turn. Players that grief the savegame intentionally wil have their turn suspended and progress nulled. Progress posts are optional, but welcome. They can be done either from first-person or third person, depending on preference. Considering this is an RP community, I prefer that we stick to the former.

Turn order:

  • Bokaza
  • Fire and glory
  • Rech


Dorfing: (You can ask to be dorfed, even if you don't play. Likewise, feel free to dorf anyone you like.)

  • Bokaza - Expedition Leader/Broker
  • Ziril Anil - Manager/Bookeeper

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Jackalexecution report, by Bokaza Pinewall, Expedition Leader and Overseer of Jackalexecution, Dwarven Queendom of The Kingly Boots, 1st of Moonstone, year 101st since creation of Aurora

It's hot as Armok's oven here. Extremely hot. Even your traders have been complaining about it and they don't even live here. Thankfully, we are dwarves and live underground, where it's cool.

Nine months since we've arrived here under orders from Queen Idgagod, long may she reign. Our task is simple. Establish a prosperous fortress for the good of all Etarcog. When we arrived, expecting our food reserves to be end within few months, I've ordered the miners to dig the peat just under us so we can establish farms and a food stockpile, as well as large swathes of forest to be cut down to provide space for our surface fort. After that was done, I ordered, oversaw and personally planted all of our plump helmet spawn, around 45 bushels that will be ready for harvest by spring. In the meanwhile, two dozen or so feet under ground, many rooms, a dormitory and a dining hall have been dug from the stone and still require smoothing. This will be enough living space for now.

Despite my initial skepticism, the queen's Stoneseer was correct; Under this tropical hell-forest lie decent reserves of valuable minerals. On the two peaks overlooking the river valley where we settled, we've found ample platinum and copper deposits, as well fire opals and emeralds. Soon after we started digging through the stone and peat underneath, we found deposits of coal and other gems, as well as more useless copper, but our fortune did not end there. One night, I was woken up by a screaming miner. He panicked and said something about stone crying black tears. I went to inspect. Among the black obsidian stone underneath, the rock was indeed wet and oozing black liquid. I have heard stories about this type of rock, how ancient alchemists extracted the tears and used it to produce fire. This may be useful someday, when we get alchemists working here, but for now, the hematite and ruby deposits we found should be enough to keep the fortress prosperous.

The population of the fort has been calm, mostly. At one point, our carpenter was acting strange and secretive. We thought he was a goblin spy, but it turned out he was just making a wooden splint. Except he hates when we call it a splint and wants us to call it Allyfrosted. It's just a fancy looking splint. I've also noticed that, among hordes of useless immigrants, there are five children. Five children. They are very noisy and useless, not to mention it's risky living here on the frontier. I suggest you do not send anymore.

My friend Ziril has been chosen as our manager and bookkeeper. He's a capable lad... but complains a lot... to the point where he has been driving me insane with his complaining. At least he has an office, compared to most of that don't have one. No, of course it's not enough... by Armok, I will be putting statues inside his office... maybe he finally shuts up.

The surface fort and the trade depot have been constructed, with stone gate that can be closed with a lever. Five immigrants have been recruited into the military and given copper weapons to train. Hopefully, we'll be able to provide them with full equipment by the time they are trained enough and we actually need them. In the meanwhile, the drake we brought with us has been a good gate guard.

We also hit an underground cavern... or two. Scout reports are conflicting and strange. One report describes forests of crystal trees that sparkle like gems, the other, forest of spore caps and fields of plump helmets. Then, there is a third report, mentioning black pits that create clouds and clouds of rotting smells. It's a... confusing cavern. We will need time to map it properly. Although, our woodcrafter is looking forward to working with Crystal Wood. He claims he can produce gems out of, as well as other objects. Interesting indeed.

I guess that's all. The traders will be bringing the gems we cut to the mountainhomes with them, I hope the queen finds them and our goods to her liking. The traders themselves will be staying for a few more days until I'm done with liaison Kolad discussing the trade deal and what you need to send us through the next year's caravan. Please, make it happen. Until next year.

Well, that's most of my turn... done in less than few hours. The game tuns at a solid 150 fps for me, so I am considering making the turns a bit longer. But, at any rate, once I'm done with the last quarter, I will be passing the save over to Chaz, who should start his turn by Tuesday (hopefully).

We thankfully have coal and iron, and a tertiary source of flux stone. Do remember to use the ore processor first, because smelting ore-bearing rocks by themselves is much less effective, and the processing itself has a random chance to produce flux stone. Just make sure our stone mason isn't using the flux stone to make furniture or blocks.

Do tell what you want us to start stockpiling on specific goods and I will have it ordered through the trade system.

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Seems cool.

By the time my turn comes around and if my avatar is still alive, I might make a glorious tower for myself with fine goods if there are too many idlers milling about.

After all, it's my job to make sure you all go down in the history books on a positive note and I should be well compensated.

Anyway, I'm hyped, and can't wait to take a good look at the glorious mess that is Jackelexecution by the time year 4 comes around.

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Jackalexecution quarterly report, by Ziril Anil, manager and book keeper, ....end of Spring, year 102nd.

Despite my profession I'm not one for keeping track of time, but I'm reasonably sure it's spring.

Bokaza has decided to ponder some things and has turned the task of overseeing this stretch of rock called Jackalexecution, before having workers fix my office up to acceptable standards, figures.

Glory to the Queen and whatnot.

After having the official fortress maps turned over to me I silently groaned to myself, Bokaza and I have some very different opinions on how a fortress should be planned out it'd seem, I myself prefer to have a hollow column in the ground housing various specialty workshops that follow a theme as you go down, smelters and metalsmiths for one level, tanners, leather workers, and butchers for the next, etcetera, whereas the expedition leader appears to have thrown them all in one room with the stockpile directly under.

I do admit that keeping various objects in a single stockpile was quite clever and reduces space wasted, but regardless.

After pondering the map for a while I ordered that there be stairs in the work room leading directly to the stockpile, I also ordered these stairs to go further into solid rock, and that this rock be hollowed out, because we have a mess of metal lying around this room would hold the various bars, while also housing extra smelters and smiths, because one of each is never enough.

I ordered my office to be smoothed over as apparently one has to do order it himself for these matters, taking a look at the surface walls we have, I ordered to have some stairs going upwards in the interior, I will eventually have this made into parapets with a stockade for our marksdwarves to shoot from safety of melee harm, but due to the lack of workers, I will merely have the stairs made for now.

After a few days I realised we had no place to store valuable stone, if one of our Dwarves were to process some ore for metal, he'd have to trek down to the mines, so down the ramps a bit I ordered another part hollowed out, this'd hold ore bearing metal and flux stone.

After a month or so worth of time passed I ordered a fine platinum chair and table to be made for my office, since if the smith has enough platinum to endlessly churn out expensive trinkets, he can divert some my way, shortly after this, we got wave of new migrating dwarves, poor bastards but useful regardless, none of them really had any suitably outstanding skill in various crafts so I ordered most of them to do any work that needs doing, as we need more generalists to get things done quickly, out of the ones I didn't assign as workers, two of them went to our full time military, Meng and Stukos, Stukos knows quite a lot about how to handle himself in a fight properly, he will be a fine addition, I threw in Meng because he was just flat out useless but can handle a spear....marginally better then most of the others, of the last migrant, apparently he's one of the best Researchers in the kingdom, so I let him idle about and ordered a proper workspace to be made for him.

Also we have three more children to add to the pile, joy.

At some random point within this season, I couldn't care enough to actually keep track of when it happened compared to everything else, one of the jewelers started acting incredibly shifty and holed up in his workshop, while I was contemplating having military drag him out he suddenly screamed success, babbling and holding in his hand an incredibly well made Fire Opal, almost impossibly so, it also has more bits of Opal attached to it...somehow, he calls it Baldgleams, well it certainly gleams.

I might have it put in my chair.

More recently, I had some space hollowed out for entry to the first cavern, there's a drawbridge and lever to seal it off but I haven't actually gotten around to ordering the last bit of stone removed so that you can actually get through.

Finally got some much needed replacement furniture in my office, it's now tolerable, though later I'll have it improved to the standards I deserve instead of what I can tolerate.

Bokaza was the fort broker but he just wasn't that good, I had Catten assigned to that position instead, he's lousy at telling the value of anything but he's incredibly good at getting people to do stuff for him, I'm sure he'll learn the rest later.

After a lot of time spent pondering where the Platinum was coming from I finally realised that by Bokaza's words "the upper levels" he meant above the surface, though since we still haven't run out of Platinum, I think we're good at the moment.

Our miners have struck marble, which is very very good, Steel production had came to a halt a while back, I estimate that we'll have the steel industry running at full power by Autumn.

Finally replaced the Military's copper stuff with Iron, though armor will have to come later.

Speaking of them, some forest imps apparently thought they'd sneak into our fortress, well, after an outcry of alarm our dwarves chased them off, killing two of them in the process, I doubt they'll be back soon.

The researcher came up with several new weapon designs, big shields and two handed weaponry, which can be made by a specialist forge called "The Great Forge", although it sounds a bit too specialist for the small military we have at the moment, should we get some truly great warriors then I'm sure things forged from there will serve them well.

The miners have struck this "semi-molten rock" that is impossible to get through, it seems we'll never know what's on the other side, this is as deep as we go, though this rock implies that there may be a more liquid form in the vicinity.

Because we now have ready access to flux stone for steel, I'm planning to phase out the ore processors and just draw iron directly from the ore.

None of our dwarves have any serious complaints so far.

Apparently we're finally out of coal, I'll have a wood oven thrown up to kick start some coal smelting.

I have the first wave of armor for our dwarves though, mail shirts to protect their most exposed parts.

While having our miners mine out marble apparently they found some of the stone uncomfortably warm, I ordered a small basin to be dug out to draw what's most likely magma into it, when apparently they found a huge sea of magma under their feet, though thankfully they didn't fall through, I will have to look into drawing some magma up here so that we can run our forges more smoothly.

The miners found some blue tinged pure metal ore off to the side, according to the researcher this this "Adamantine", a type of metal that's extraordinarily effective for armor and blades.

I will order it mined at some point but currently it's too much effort to move over to it and our miners are busy elsewhere.

On the surface, I've made some plans to expand the walls, as I've found that anything concerning wood is a large pain to deal with, so there will be a dedicated wood industry up there, with wood stockpiles.

And now, it's summer, I can feel the heat from down here, you should hear from me again at the season's end.


Jackalexecution quarterly report, by Ziril Anil, manager, book keeper, and overseer, end of Summer, year 102nd.

Had the new room made, wood industry should pick up a bit more now, still need somewhere to put all the wood.

Finally smelting some new Anthracite, so that's good.

The new hunter I appointed it bringing in more meat, so food shouldn't be a problem.

New migrants, some more generalists, put a new mace dwarf into The Dancing Ferries, made one of the new migrants a Sargeant and put him in charge of a marksdwarf squad, 'The Axes of Fraying', it's just two dwarves at the moment, neither have any real skill with crossbows or bows, but hey, if they're sending tons of bolts onto a siege then some of them are sure to hit.

No children this time round, thank Armok.

After endless excuses I had the new wood processors torn apart, we'll be using carpenter's workshops, I don't care if it's less efficient, they don't complain nearly as much.

300 bars of coke, we should be good on that front for a while.

The Scientist stopped talking to people and holed up in the Craftdwarf workshop, I'm seeing a trend so I let him do his thing.

He made a scabbard out of bone, "The Parched Maw", it seems a bit better then the other stuff we have, though it's bit surreal, with images of itself engraved on it.

I do admit the magic of it was ruined a bit when I saw that it had an image of Shem and his dumb splint on it though.

One of our dwarven children came of age, I told him to get a crossbow and find something to do.

Apparently our ancient enemies have drawn near the fortress, needless to say I will not let the Elephants get inside.

Every month some dead lizard makes the worst smell you can imagine, it's quite irritating.

Every time I take stocks of our metal it seems like the amount of iron remains the same and the only thing that changes is how much slag we have lying around, I occasionally order it dumped to reduce clutter.

I'm having the various bedrooms finally improved, chests, cabinets, and smoothed walls for every dwarf.

Wood is stored on the roof of the wood processing room.

Little else to note, don't regret converting to regular carpentry workshops, I told a lie about getting steel industry running by autumn but what can you do?

And we're at the end of summer, you shall probably hear from me by the end of autumn as well, I'm going to look into using magma forges, not to save on coal but to speed things up.


Jackalexecution quarterly report, by Ziril Anil, manager, book keeper, and overseer, end of Autumn, year 102nd.

I've let the amount of drink we store get dangerously low, I didn't notice because the barrels kept getting recycled to store more meat.

As I mentioned before, I'm looking into moving the magma, this is going to be complicated but I only have to move it all once.

Slowly producing helms and greaves for our military.

Our badger dogs are maturing, I'm training some for hunting and military use.

Everyone is happy and pretty busy, thankfully we don't have a horde of useless dwarves milling about.

Apparently those Forest Imps had the guts to come back, this time we killed 4 of them.

Booze stocks rising but still needs to be looked over.

..One of our Craftdwarves, Oddom Stukokosh, was apparently a werewolf, he let out a blood curdling howl that I heard from down here, on an after action report, our military cut him down with ease, it appears that forming this lot has paid off, no one was bitten it'd seem, apparently he had two children and a wife, who was in fact one of our hammerdwarves, the wife herself, one Vakun Uzolkil, apparently has her priorities out of order and is happier about her baby instead of falling into a dark mood after killing her spouse, the child "Thabum" is more concerned about how awesome his latest meal was, the only one of this nutty family that seems to care about the death of this person is the baby itself, it won't stop crying.

By Armok some people are insane.

New greaves for our dwarves, things are running smoothly, not much progress on the magma front.

Small migrant wave, same routine, assigned some as generalists and some as marksdwarves.

Working on getting our boys some boots and gloves, almost have a full set.

The first magma pump works it seems, now we just need 40 more, I don't think this is getting done this year.

The amount of alcohol we have is now up to acceptable levels.

Iron stocks finally ran to rock bottom, will have to wait a while for amounts to rise again.

The nutty broad finally processed it and is moping a bit.

The pump stack is moving along a bit faster.

Finally the dwarven caravan has arrived.

For the import agreement, I didn't ask for anything really specific, I asked for some already-processed iron because there's always a demand, I asked for Drakes of both genders, they'll be mighty fearsome when they start breeding and take a more active role in the military, I also asked for a LOT of Basalt blocks, making our own takes a long while, I asked for some more exotic wines in case my successor makes a mess of the drink stocks, I asked for a fair amount of unprocessed Anthracite, some odds and ends, the need will probably expire next year but you never know.

I got some extra booze, steel and iron in bulk, two drakes, one male and female, new cloth, surplus stuff we might but probably won't need, spare anvils, etcetera....one quarter of our platinum goods are left over, didn't get anything really outstanding.

And this marks the end of autumn, things are finally cooling down a bit.


Jackalexecution quarterly report, by Ziril Anil, manager, book keeper, and former overseer, end of Winter, year 103rd.

I decided to have the dining room, and my office, engraved, so there's that.

Our stockpile of food is overflowing so I had to get some extra room hollowed out.

I had some extra space made on the above-ground outpost.

One of the younger kids did the shifty routine, and eventually threw out a bone cage, nothing special besides being well designed, impressive for a 4 year old though.

Sick of badgerdog puppies getting underfoot, had them all penned in a new room.

I'm having our more exotic metals processed, we have some Chromite and Wolframite on-hand, by my estimates there's only enough to make a new sword though, maybe not even that.

Had some platinum luxuries moved to my room, it's the least I deserve.

We have several scrolls of research but we need to duplicate them before we can use them, otherwise they'll most certainly be lost.

Our dwarves are having a lot of trouble with the crates of metal the caravan brought and can't quite figure out how to open them.

Some progress has been made with the pump stack but it's a long road to magma smelters.

We still haven't sorted an export agreement because Bokaza is too busy partying.

I decided to have a tomb made in my honor, because if I can't write history, I deserve to be remembered by it. ((Noble in all but in-game behavior.))

Few months passed, nothing of note...

Progress in making new bedrooms, iron supplies still tight, finally copying our research.

Or not, apparently it's all gone or something, also one of our bright dwarves decided to make an Orichalum anvil, splendid.

Regardless, not my problem, it is now Spring, I will let the other dwarves figure out who the new overseer should be while I relax in luxury.

May our fortunes rise and fall together.


((Year 3! No major issues, no hostiles besides a werewolf that got killed within 5 seconds, iron gets used up as fast as it gets made somehow, pump stack has a loooooong way to go, and I'll let you figure out the rest.))

((And I completely deserve that platinum, 100%, it's easier to chuck out stuff made of platinum then it is to get special singular items out of iron anyway.))

((So what do I do with the save?))

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Dang, wish I had noticed this sooner. Is it still time to hop on the train?

Sure, you're on the list, now.

Killerhurtz is next, notifying.

Also, Fire and Glory, you need to build a tradepost to unpack the crates.

Candyclowns... candyclowns... candyclowns...

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Right. Due to people postponing their turns, canceling them or simply general disinterest, I'm purging the turn list. Rech's next. If he doesn't respond in time whoever wants to play is free to take the save and I'll put them on the list.

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