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Other NanoTrasen stations besides Aurora

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This is a simple one, and essentially a factual one.

Does NanoTrasen have any other stations of more-or-less the same 'class' as the Aurora, engaged in more-or-less the same kind of work but in another location? If so, how many, and what (if there are only a few) are their names? Are there perhaps twelve others?

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Thank link is helpful if you want to reference something specific.

But to be honest, there are so many stations and so many ships, that making a list of all of them would just be an incomprehensible mess. There's thousands and thousands, not counting the 'off the books' stations and ships operating outside official oversight.

The super important things should be listed or marked somewhere like the NSS Odin, but there won't be any repercussions if you just rattle something off that you come up with on the spot if it sounds reasonable enough. As long as you get your suffix right, go nuts.

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