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So, I got linked to an old bay thread like maybe a couple weeks ago that was complaining about some player or whatever. I noticed that the head administrator there had mentioned about special forum policy for their complaint boards, when they saw the part in the OP that said 'I just want to open a dialogue, don't want this person punished'. That special policy being: If you open a complaint on a player or a server staff member, you fully expect action to be taken against them.

Basically, I want that for our complaint boards. You might ask 'why dude', in which I'd respond, "Because, dude, it'd encourage complainants to make an effort towards posting complaints about players that they not only have issues with, but is engaging in IC/OOC behavior that they believe is unacceptable for the server."

It would also deter people from making complaints just to basically complain about how the round was so garbage and how the players involved in it are trash cans, too.

It's within my belief that conversations about how garbage rounds are should go into General Discussion rather than the complaints board. That, and if you think someone is garbage but isn't strictly breaking the rules, you should really go and talk to them 1 on 1 and politely address your concerns.

My personal requirements for actually desiring to post a complaint:

1.) If the person wasn't dealt with by an admin

2.) If the person was spoken to, but I feel like they were given way too much leniency for what they did

3.) If the person engages in consistent conduct that has negative consequences on other players

4.) If the person breaks the rules constantly and still hasn't been perceivably dealt with yet

5.) If the person is mean and calls me names for no reason

I also believe that complaints recently aren't perceivably as effective as they used to be, because we've all made a habit out of making low-quality, merit-less complaints on people we disagree with, and the administration is more adjusted to us inanely bitching over small things. I think this suggestion to add another bit of useful forum policy to better align the community focus. And, hopefully, to eliminate toxicity. But, that's me wish-making. Thoughts?

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I can get behind this, in fact theres an element of this already. A lot of complaints dont really end up with one person being punished but through discussion and evidence we find that pretty much all involved had some blame. I think wanting to open a dialogue should always be encouraged.

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