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Cartography History Lesson 1: The Lizards

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Just for fun I made a little series of modern unathi history. This is an in-depth look at the complex world of Moghes after 2438, when the Contact War enveloped the planet. I'm sure you'll find this informative and be awe-struck by the grace and talent needed to make something like this.



Which leads to...



Which leads to...



Saying the Hegemony's territory looks like a penis will get you banned

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It kinda looks like a penis.

So were the Traditionalists just bad shots or did the Hegemony have nukes too?

Hegemony had nukes because else traditionalists would've bombed them into submission. The underlying principle of MAD could be explained phrase "If nuke us, the world ends" which is why the Cold War remained cold and proxy wars were fought instead, just so it wouldn't come to nukes being used. Idk what the exact timeflow of Unathi nuclear war is, but I'm guessing that Unathi didn't develop proper MAD theory and ended up using them in the end.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The Hegemony possessed atomic bombs and the planes to drop them. The Coalition wasn't supposed to, and no one is sure how they got any. Unathi theories include:

  • Human meddling

    Skrell meddling

    Human and skrell meddling

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