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[WiP] NanoTrasen Occupation Qualifications exception for IPCs

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Dunno where to put it in, it's not really lore, but more of a meta information/guideline, well anyway Mods/Lorewriters will know where to put this in, and it needs XanderDox' and/or jackboot's approval anyway.

First look at this. http://aurorastation.org/wiki/index.php?title=NanoTrasen_Occupation_Qualifications

Then think about IPC. Many are lorwise between 1-25 years old. Example CAC 1 year old roboticist. Aquila 3 years old Chief Engineer. Doesn't work.

Yes, there needs to been an exception for IPCs, because they are viewed as persons with human rights as far as I understood the IPC lore, but most of them are mature from birth. I think there needs to be in exception in the occupation qualifications wiki side.

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