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The Workers Party

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System):Party

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2450

Region of Space:all of Tau-Ceti

Controlled by (if not a faction):Republic of Biesel

Other Snapshot information:

Party Commisioner: Edik Leonidovich Tolstoy (Human, Russian Descent), Doctor Of Politcal Science, Doctor of Economics, Masters in Military Tactics, Fifteen Years in Biesal Military Service (52 Earth-years of age)

Sub Officer: Raabiya Jala'li (Tajaran, Adhomian Descent), Doctor In Medical, Associates in Social Sciences (41 Earth-years of age)

Leader of Propaganda: Shrubick Walaufsh (Skrell, Jargonian(J4) Descent), Doctor in Medical, Doctor in Engineering, Doctor in Astronomy,Doctor in Mathamatics, Doctor in Social Sciences, Doctor in Psychology, Doctor in Psychiatry, Doctor in Political Science, Juris Doctor (217 Earth-years of age)

Leader of Parlimentary Affairs: Chien Ming-hua (Human, Chinese Descent), Doctor in Psychiatry, Juris Doctor (36 Earth-years of age)

International Representative: "Hammer That Forges Steel" (Dionea), No Formal Education (Uknown Age)

Party Events Organization Officer: Moyolexochitl (IPC,Built By R. of Biesal), No Formal Education (6 Earth-years of age)

Party Treasurer: Ka'Akaix'Siikit'Vess'ex (unbound Vaurca,Vess'ex Hive Descent),Doctor in Economic Science, Associates in Mathamatics (29 Earth-years of age)

Secratary of Trade: Crocefisso Di Angelo (Human, Italian Descent),Associates in Economic Science (22 Earth-years of age)

Commander of Party Defense forces: K'Ssazhil Unzrr (Unathi,Ourean Descent), No Formal Education, Biesal Military service, Seven years (28 Earth-years of age)

Union Organization Officer: Oliver Maitland (Human, English Descent)No Formal Education (47 Earth-years of age)

Party Intelligence Officer: Amélie Lozé (Human, French Descent), Associates in Psychiatry (25 Earth-years of age)

The party leaders at their most recent Gathering in Mendell city (Ka'Akaix'Siikit'Vess'ex Was unable to attend):


Platform: Gender Equality, Xeno Equality, Racial Equality, Workers Rights, State Industry, Socialized Society, State Controlled Economy, Universalism, Secularism,Single Wing Government(left).

State Industrialism and Socilized Politics: The party glorifies the state of Biesal and it's Potential to become an industrial giant and the new bastion of humanity, proclaiming Equality for all Species, claiming species,races and ethnicities are all barriers put up to divide us and prevent us from our true potential, It also focusses on how State owned Industry and a Properly socialized Political system can benefit the Republic and how the Alien races should be treated as brothers to Humanity and Biesel.

State Communism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communism

Banner of the Party: 241mofo.png

Long Description:

The Workers party is a Socio-political party in the Republic of Biesal's popular assembly. The party was founded early in the creation of the Republic of Biesel, as a support organization for Growing Industries and mega-coperations, as well as workers rights, to the newly Formed Republic, which of course were funded by the Nanotrasen incorporation, traditionally they shared close ties to the leaders of the Party. Eventually the support movement radicalized into a political party that stood for “Workers Rights”, originally this was quite moderate and peaceful, with only minor restrictions being wanted for Mega-coperations, and a Unionized program for all that worked inside of the Republic. However soon after that the Radicals from the party staged a coup of party leadership, and silently became the new majority changing the platform to suit their wishes.

Following this coup the Party started using mass politics and populism to draw support pointing out the flaws in the Modern Republic government, all the while criticising its association with Inadaquitly Unionized Corperations such as Einstein Engines, and zheng-hu Pharmaceuticals. The party also opened up a youth wing Children of The Sickle (CS), which trained children in the dogma of mass action, as well as the principles of being a good citizen And labourer of the Republic these children, were declared the future of the party. Along with the youth branch a Paramilitary branch was started the Commrades of Labour(CL) or "Comrades" for short , Here willing participants, required to have served 5 years in the Republic’s Navy or army, and were required to be Unionized Workers (obviosly).These men and women were to be trained to be the vanguard of The Party's parades throughout streets. These Vanguards are also known to go lone wolf and work for the Syndicate against Nanotrasen, especially the infamous agent Graouvichi, a noted Republic Revolutionary Communist, they will refrain from taking work for currency instead wishing only for the action against Nanotrasen.

Now to explain the Party's program. The Worker's Party is split into many internal factions each representing a front, in Ideology For Heavy Industrialism by the State, and for Workers Rights.

Red Staters: The Red Staters are a specialized form of Communist industrialists that wish to reorganize the economy in to planets that are self-sufficient and turn them into Social communes, as well as State Moderating or controlling to the best of their extent, large corporations, especially Nanotrasen, whom they view with utter disgust in the way of Workers Rights, especially with their Treatment of Xeno species.

Biomechanical Engineers: Biomechanical Engineers are a group of the party who seek, to assist Other Species Developement through the use of machinery, especially with Plasma based Machinery and mechanically Advanced tools. They are strong proponents of trade with the Tajaran to help further Adhomai's technological advancement.

Workers: The Workers embody the largest part of the Party, representing the average joe, and their plight against the Lack of Unionized conditions in the Workplace. They support Very Tolerant and equal treatment of Aliens. Along with the Co-Existance of the Tajarran and Unathi governments to the Republic,adding to their Peoples workers rightsand, to promote , Equality to the perceived brutality of the Unathi , especially one of their cultures Sexism. Which the workers are vehemently against, as well as the Politically backwards Sol Alliance.

Revolutionarys: Those who liken the struggle against Imperialism, as a Struggle for Equality, they run propaganda on Aliens words spreading Communist Ideals to whom they perceive as brutes like the Fascists of the Sol Alliance. They are by far the most peaceful and Conservative members of the Party espousing Pacifism.

Muscovites: These are men who wish to see the end of the Biesel Republic and wish to see a dawn of a Union of Soviet Socialist Planets. They cite the ancient significance of the Communist and Socialist Governments of Earth's past and point out that why mighty, the Humans alone have never had a truely Communist State. Nor is anyone else in space, a Truly "Proper" Communism in their eyes. Their ultimate goal is appointing the party leader as Chairmen of the USSP.

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M8 the Cossacks where massively anticommunist. It'd be like calling a black rights group the KKK. I'd change it if I were you, otherwise cool.
Yeah, kind of a weird name to pick considering that the cossacks were generally anticommunist - and that there was a genocide against them perpetrated by communists.


Okay- Sorry for the confusion there. I was kind of trying to play off of the awkwardness of it being named after the cossacks. Guess it didn't work, Anyhow Party Renamed to "The Workers Party".

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If they're all about universalism, why are all of their leaders Slavs? Shouldn't they have a broader cross section of people in their ranks?

In fact they arn't all slavs, one of them is a Tajara, their name is just Derived from a Russian like background instead of an Arabic one- As their lore allows I just forgot the apostrophe in her clan name, has been fixed now. HOWEVER you make a very valid point about the primarily Slavic based names and universal-ism, I will be doing some Research and Editing this shortly, Thank you for pointing that out I didn't even think of it.

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Alright, I have a question.

Was this made as a direct answer to the Atlas group?


Oddly enough, No It was not. Besides, I Wouldn't have put this much work into something that would have essentially been a simple political rebuttal This is somthing I have put my Blood, sweat and tears into so-to-speak I have worked very hard on it.

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