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Operation Torrent (Recruitment!)


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A charming gentleman in a clean black suit, red tie, and black leather shoes sits down in a comfortable-looking arm chair that must have cost at least two thousand credits. His face and upper half are obscured in the shadows, and the only thing serving to illuminate him is the draw of his cigar as with a drag of his breath, his wrinkling mouth is illuminated by a warm, red glow. Major Livingstone steps up to his desk, and salutes. The man, even though with a shadowed expression, nods to her. She takes her seat, folding one leg over the other as in comparison, the chair seating her looks tiny. "Sir, the reports from the Scout team are in. Apparently, we've lost the locale of the Bluespace Crystal Sanctuary."

Another drag of his cigar is the only thing indicating that he'd be paying attention to her. Knowing this man all too well, she continues on. "The chip as you may know, holds the co-ordinates for the best Bluespace site in existence. It may even be the largest, most richly-filled crystal formation in the galaxy. While my men were bringing the drive back to us, they were ambushed by Clover Navigations. We lost the chip, and it's undoubtedly in one of their compounds right now, pending transit to their headquarters. At which point, there'll be no retrieving it." The Major uncrossed her legs, and stood up, presenting a file she'd been concealing against her side up until this point. "This is how I propose we get the chip back. With your authorization, I'll be mobilizing a hard-hitting team to infiltrate the compound, and get us that chip. We're talking billions here, sir."

The man in front of her, the Major knew, was staring into her eyes, even though his own were non-visible. She kept the determined, serious expression as she stared right back. Then, with a raise of his hand and one final drag of his cigar, he pressed the ignited end into an ash tray on his desk, and interlocked his fingers.

"Get me my damned chip back."



Hello, all! That was the backstory for the mission that'll be taking place where six people will be participating in. While the votes were 12:1, I simply can't keep up with twelve people in a RP at once, so I halved it. Six individual people is already pushing it, but we'll see how we do, given that it won't be a novel's length. (At least, hopefully.)

How I plan on going about this is simple: I'm going to post a character sheet here, and anyone interested will take that format, fill in the required details, and post it once I give the all-clear. Anyone posting their character sheet before my all-clear will not be accepted under any circumstances. So wait, this kinda sounds like first-come, first-serve! That's because it is. I don't want to go through a comparison process of however many people wanting to be the team leader for instance, so if you're first, you get what you want. However, just remember that every single role will be vital to completing this mission. Believe it or not, missions fail sometimes, and people die.

That being said, death is a very real possibility, and once you're dead, you're out of the roleplay unless a special circumstance occurs. Hardcore? Yeah, that's the point! Think of this like a friendly roleplay game of futuristic Dark Souls.

I've said that anyone posting a CS (Character Sheet) before I give the all-clear will not be accepted. However, if you really would like to be the team's medic for instance, feel free to advertise that on this forum. An example would be: "Hey, guys. This is the rough outline of my character, and I'd really like to be the team's [insert role here]. I'm sure we can work something out if someone else wants to be the [insert role here]."

Friendly, direct, and simple. That's all I want.

I've read enough, let me see what I have to fill in!

Lore/additional info summary:

Ocitox Intergalactic, the faction you are all fighting for, does not strictly hire everyone they use as their employee. A good portion of the time, you will be serving alongside members of other factions. It just so happens that Ocitox is one of the largest and most respected companies involving para-military and private security matters that it can afford to have those not under their banner serving them, and in turn, gaining benefits that would be wasted were they to accomplish things on their own.

Coming to the topic of Bluespace Crystals; Ocitox Intergalactic are currently researching Bluespace Technology, and more secrets that they hope to unfold. It's because of this that the instant they gained knowledge of a Crystal Site, they immediately mobilized a unit to find that location. A physical chip containing the data where the Crystal Sanctuary is located was secured by them; but something catastrophic happened. The FO Team were shot down by Clover Navigations; Ocitox's direct, somewhat smaller rival. The chip is now in their possession, and it's up to a team of skilled individuals, under the high command of Major Livingstone, to get it back.

Ocitox has a very high amount of resources at their disposal. Weapons, armor, technology, you name it. Keeping that in mind, they are still a law-abiding corporation (To an extent) and are not seeking total war with Clover Navigations. Everything is on the line at the moment. Through inaction, Clover will secure the Crystal site, and instantly triple in their net value, and strength. Through action that is compromising, Ocitox risks interference from outside sources, they're in a full-scale war that will ultimately be stopped by Sol Gov, and their chances of profiting from the Crystal Site dwindles significantly. A certain breed of finesse, efficiency, and cleanliness is required for this mission.

An Ocitox staff member aligned with Ocitox only may requisition gear that they so desire, so long as it is within the bounds of reason. It is not unheard of for infiltration units to request sneaking suits with a cloaking device built-in for a stealth mission. Nor is it unheard of for a Heavy Weapons expert to requisition a tanky suit of armor for those hard-hitting jobs. As long as it's within reason, Ocitox will provide for its own.


The titles with a * on them are required information. Anyone failing to adhere to that, unfortunately, will be disqualified. Although some titles are optional, it's fully recommended that you fill out each and every one of them so I can really get a feel for your characters. It's also worthy to note that in Ocitox Intergalactic, the majority of the staff are Humans. That's not to say that you can't have your badass Unathi berserker, they just aren't going to fit in well with the rest of the crew, in most situations. Other than that, you make your character how you want. Just keep in mind that dying is an unfortunate truth that may very well happen in this roleplay.

You may include characters that you've already made in SS13 on here, by all means. Almost anything is acceptable, within the terms that I've outlined throughout this post. However, in the instance where your character is not up to par or something has been incorrectly done that I've failed to mention so far, I'll make sure to notify you so you can change a few things around. It is not my intention to deny anyone what they'd like to see in this mission, I just want everything running as smoothly and correctly as possible.

The team will be comprised of the following: A Team Leader, a Combat(?) Medic, an Infiltrator/hacker, a Heavy Weapons Expert, a Combat Engineer, and an additional auxiliary role that has yet to be determined. ((Note, feel free to give suggestions on this role. It shouldn't be within the jurisdiction of another member of the team, i.e. a specialist with a grenade launcher, chemical grenades, and a healing kit. It's just not going to sit well with the others, nor will it sit well with myself. I'm giving one person a certain bit of creativity here in what they'd like to be within the guidelines; It's completely up to them. Note however, that if it is unacceptable, I'll be privately messaging you about it. If you are interested in doing said auxiliary role, after Team Role, type (Aux) Ex: Team Role: (Aux) [role]

Character sheet!


*Team role:



Preferred Gear: ((See Lore Summary for more information))


Faction: ((See Lore Summary for more information))



Would you like this character to be an antagonist, if an antagonist setting is chosen? Y() N() ((See Extra for more information.))


Brief overview/recurring points:

If I deem your character unacceptable, I will talk to you. If you attempt to reinforce the fact that your character is okay even though I've explained why they're not, you will not be permitted to participate. I aim to keep everything fair for everyone, and my one goal is for everyone to have fun. Virtually anything in your imagination (As long as it's within reason) can happen in this roleplay/story, and I want you to contribute to that. You make your character how you want. Of course if there are some unacceptable bits, those will be dealt with by myself.

I'd like to remind everyone participating that your characters may die with the blink of an eye, depending on a D20 roll. It's imperative that if your character dies or something happens to them that you don't like, do not take it as an attack against you or your character personally. I am to create a realistic, enjoyable story for everyone to read. What's a good story without one of your favorite characters biting the dust unexpectedly? Will his/her comrades avenge his death? Will they take him/her back on the ship for a proper funeral? Or will they just leave his/her body as they're under heavy fire, sprinting to their EVAC while getting picked off one-by-one?

This is an environment that I'd like to create for everyone, but everyone should also know that some unexpected things could happen, and will happen. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Other than that, shoot for the stars, make some believable characters, and await my all-clear!


What about the inclusion of antagonists in this story? ((Keep in mind that similar to SS13, the result may be Extended, even if one antagonist is the highest voted)) http://strawpoll.me/6287254

Do you want the team, played by real people, liable to be picked for an Antagonist position, if it is voted for? http://strawpoll.me/6287272

Would you perhaps enjoy more lore concerning Ocitox Intergalactic? http://strawpoll.me/6287286

If so, would you be interested in having one of your characters join Ocitox Intergalactic? http://strawpoll.me/6287302

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Major Livingstone sits down at her desk and removes her hat, running a hand through her hair to fluff it up a little. She then crosses one leg over the other, and waves her hand over the front of her desk. A blue hologram sets the table alight with life, and a somewhat skinny woman with her hair up appears on a holo-screen, perking a pair of spectacles up on her nose. She looks rigid and waits with trepidation for the Major to speak, and she's not left waiting long.

"Send me the files. It's time to decide who'll be going." The woman perks up and clutches a clipboard to her chest, looking expectantly at the Major. "We have the all-clear?" The Major, for once, gives a lopsided smirk and fully reclines in her chair, looking towards the woman.

"That's right. I'm giving the all-clear."

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*Name/alias: Martin Richter

*Team role: (Aux) Genetic Specialist

*Gender: Male

*Race: Human

Preferred Gear: Perscription glasses, dark sunglasses, Basic gear, including some armor and a weapon (Laser carbine, for a good combination of low recoil, high ROF, and weight/heft. A syringe case that holds 4 DNA syringes, and a pill bottle of anti radiation/anti toxin drugs, to deal with the radiological side effect of DNA syringes.

I have 4 syringes. My loadout for this mission will be Xray, Telekinesis, Hulk, and Hulk again.

These last varying amounts of time which ultimately are up to Ove, our GM, as are any side effects. As an example, here's x-ray:

Xray will last for ~2 hours, and also include darkvision if I wear clear glasses. Doing so will, however, subject me to serious light sensitivity.

Age: 35

Faction: Ocitox Federation

Appearance: a man who looks to be about 30. 183cm with a nearly perfectly symmetrical, strong jawed, classically attractive face. He moves effortlessly, like an athlete, although he does not possess impressive strength, and looks alert most of the time he is not in deep thought. Years of genetic modifications have given him the "perfect" face, heightened senses, and an unnatural resistance to age, but also, to some viewers, a hard to place unnatural appearance.

Backstory: Bachelors Degree in Biology

M.D, Ph.D In Comparative Genetics

Started medschool with a focus on plastic surgery, but switched to genetics after falling in love with the subject.

Worked in a largely cosmetic gene therapy clinic on Earth, where designer babies were created. Started Jan 2453, ended September 2457.

Began working for NT on October 1 2457 as a Biological Researcher, working mainly in genetics. After working with NT for a year, he realized his dreams of combining the biological abilities of slimes with humans was going nowhere. He focused more on combat and spec ops applications of genetic modifications. Due to the problems of gene decay, and the general unsafeness of genetic modification, a genetics researcher is needed close by any team that would hope to employ genetic enhancements in the field. Ocitox Federation hired Richter to be that man, and attached him to this special operation because of his unique abilities and his personal mastery of the genetic enhancements he has developed.

Would you like this character to be an antagonist, if an antagonist setting is chosen? Y(X) N() (I take this to mean I'd be entered into the pool, and not be guaranteed antag if there is one)

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*Name/alias: Helena Desjardins.

*Team role: Combat Medic.

*Gender: Female.

*Race: Human.

Preferred Gear: A goofy, classic turtleneck with pouches for pills and syringes of the most common first-aid chemicals. Unarmed, if possible (if not, something non-lethal). Helena isn't too picky about her gear; I'll leave it to your discretion.

Age: 49

Faction: Ocitox Federation, formerly Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals.

Appearance: Her face looks around twenty years older than her actual age; think 'grumpy grandma who's seen too much'. Body-wise, she seems to be (barely) trying to maintain a muscular-ish, fit-ish, skinny-ish shape.


Would you like this character to be an antagonist, if an antagonist setting is chosen? N

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((Since there is apparently some confusion regarding the all-clear I've given out, it's for everyone. Post your sheets now if you have them, you don't need to be personally contacted by me to submit. Do it now before your favorite slot is taken up!))
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*Name/alias: Redd’Ena Corr’Sair (Redd/Red)

*Team role: Combat Specialist (or heavy weapons, if need be)

*Gender: Female

*Race: Tajaran

Preferred Gear: ((See Lore Summary for more information))

+Laser Rifle

+Energy pistol (with both stun and lethal settings),

+standard-issue Stun Baton (a personal preference from her security days)

+Standard combat armor (Tajaran adapated)

+Other equipment as needed

Age: 36

Faction: ((See Lore Summary for more information)) Ocitox Intergalactic (formerly Nanotransen)

Appearance: A tall, lithe Tajaran, corded with lean muscle, with strikingly blue eyes and light, ash-grey fur.

Backstory: Growing up in The Snowy Mountains of Ahdomai shortly after Nanotransen began their colonization of the planet, Redd’Ena was born the 6th child to a family of hunters who provided food for the village in which they lived. She grew up learning her way around the plains, learning how to track animals, how to kill them, and how to fight if needs required. It was these very skills that eventually brought her to Nanotransen’s attention.

Seeing the skills that her upbringing had provided her, Redd’Ena was approached by an NT recruiter, who believed that her skills would make her an invaluable asset to their corporate security sector, especially on their deep-space research stations where things could go from bad to worse at the drop of a hat. Seeing an opportunity both to leave the cradle of her birth, and provide more for her family that simply hunting would allow, Redd jumped on the offer, and with the blessings of her parents was whisked away to a Nanotransen training headquarters to begin her training.

For years, Redd’Ena served Nanotransen loyally, doing all that they asked, protecting their assets and their employees from all manner of threats, both internal and external. Despite Nanotransen’s inherent racism against her species, Redd’Ena remained staunchly loyal, dismissing the racism and the claims as such, blissfully turning a blind eye. She was eternally grateful to them for giving her an opportunity that she had never dreamed possible.

No longer, however. Through a series of long and painful events, culminating in the murder of someone very close and special to her (see attached record labeled [TOBU’RUNN KANO] [NOTE: RECORD REDACTED]) Redd’Ena discovered the truth about Nanotransen and their treatment of her people on the whole. Her resignation from her position was not long in coming. After returning to Ahdomai for a few years, she grew disillusioned with the state her homeworld was in after her being away for so many years, and she sought new employment with several corporations before finally being hired on by Ocitox, who saw her as being a potentially valuable employee with her former security and combat history.

Would you like this character to be an antagonist, if an antagonist setting is chosen? Y() N(X) ((See Extra for more information.))

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*Name/alias: Ron ‘Fixer’ Alfred

*Team role: Hacker/Combat Medic

*Gender: Male

*Race: Human

Preferred Gear: Hacker: Ron’s equipment would consist of a lockpick kit made for picking open doors with regular locks, a doorjack hidden inside his prosthesis made for hacking into terminals and getting access, a screw driver would also be hidden in the same compartment. He would have a small field medkit for extreme situations, a rechargable taser with 5 shots, a combat knife and a flash.

Age: 30

Faction: Ocitox Intergalactic

Appearance: Ron is a 30 year old male with a pretty fit build, 6’2 feet tall too. He mainly keeps a friendly, but somehow neutral expression. He has blue eyes and red hair, a clean haircut and facial hair. He has a left arm prosthesis painted in black.

Backstory: Ron was born on Mars in a decently wealthy family. His parents didn’t get along too well, however growing up he was stable and didn’t get distracted much. As he grew to an adult, he needed to get a job and Ocitox Intergalactic caught his eye. He got hired due to his excellent qualities and such and is now where he is.

Would you like this character to be an antagonist, if an antagonist setting is chosen? Y(check) N() ((See Extra for more information.))

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Name: Cefrey Torne

Alias: Dawn

*Team role: Medic

*Gender: Female

*Race: Human

Preferred Gear: Stabiliser suit: a lightly armoured suit that works automatically to staunch injuries and halt toxicity spread in the wearer, this suit, while well-designed, can be overwhelmed with sudden traumatic damage, or from simple overuse. ((Pretty much, if she gets eviserated, the suit's gonna say "Fuck this", anything that would be immediately lethal, or lethal within a few seconds, like critical organ or artery damage, the suit will have little to no effect.))

Age: 27

Faction: Ocitox Intergalactic

Appearance: An athletic woman of average height, with dark brown hair pulled back to a tail and blue eyes, she is relatively non-descript, her most significant feature being a small scar on her chin.


Cefrey Torne was born to David Torne, and Kelly Torne, both Corporals in the armed forces(?). Her sister, Emily, six years her elder, was indifferent to the new arrival; and their relationship stayed much the same throughout Cefrey’s childhood.

Cefrey took to her studies well, excelling in the sports and humanities side of her academic career. She partook in several school-wide competitions, and though she never won, she made a good showing of her abilities.

When she was thirteen, just moving to start her studies for her exams over the next year; her sister, now in university, was killed in a brutal road rage attack after a night out partying. This had a lasting effect on her sister, while Emily had been merely indifferent to Cefrey’s existence; Cefrey had idolised her, seeing the gifted medical student as the epitome of what she should be achieving.

Emily’s death caused a radical change in Cefrey’s studies, surprising her teachers by shifting away from her humanities courses, and diving into the medical field, in which she was adequate, at best. Cefrey poured all of her effort into her examinations, utilising Emily’s old notes and textbooks to advance herself among her peers. At the end of her academic career, Cefrey held an undergraduate degree in Athletics, and the course her sister was taking when she was killed, a Masters degree in Para-medicine.

Now that she had achieved what her sister had not, Cefrey was without a goal, and also, money. Her parents encouraged her to take up a job with the armed forces, but the rigorous discipline and strict regime did not appeal to her independent nature; so, partially to appease her parents, she joined a respectable mercenary group, one that allowed greater autonomy than a true military.


Would you like this character to be an antagonist, if an antagonist setting is chosen? Y(Y) N()

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*Name/alias: Newton Oaken / CO2

*Team role: Engineer / saboteur. Specialized with atmospherics.

*Gender: Male.

*Race: Human.

Preferred Gear: Stealth infiltration kit, sleeping/lethal gas based grenades, standard tool set, energy based pistol, and one shotgun.

Age: 27

Faction: Syndicate / general mercenary.

Appearance: Brown messy hair, short brown beard. Black beady eyes, appears almost always on edge even when otherwise relaxed. Tall and lanky. Prefers to wear black or dark grey / grey clothing.

Backstory: Newton dove into the mercenary business six years ago, not looking back since. They have taken a number of jobs, mostly sabotage or hits. Due to their use of a atmospheric systems, and their lack of being found, they have been nicknamed CO2, after the silent and deadly gas. Dislikes being related to a fart joke.

Would you like this character to be an antagonist, if an antagonist setting is chosen? Y(X) N()

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Name/alias: Richard "The Mad" Syion

*Team role: Team leader



Preferred Gear: A simple Energy gun will do, Even some edvanced force glove's would be enough


Faction: Ocitox Federation

Appearance: This Irish man stand's 6.2 with Black hair and laid back eye's, His most significant feature is the scar's on his back and hand caused by minor radiation.

Backstory: Being the Step-Son of a Captain of a military ship, he spent time on the Space Station Aurora, As a child he was a slave, having no family tie's at that time he was alone and helpless.

After his father rescuing him after a hostage situation was reported on the station, he decided to adopt him as one of his own, and so start's the Syion legacy. Being a child genius, he helped the slave ship out at the age of 14, doing engineering for them. At the age of 42 He started working on the Aurora station as a Roboticist. After being fired, he seek's revenege anywhere there is.

Would you like this character to be an antagonist, if an antagonist setting is chosen? Y(X) N()

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Major Livingstone glanced down the rather long and detailed list of countless applicants; Though these six in particular stood out. Deciding to cut them away from the chaff and paste them together on her holo-screen, she sat back and raised a hand to her chin, examining the six individual's facial pictures. A featureless, bland expression quickly twisted into a lopsided grin. She waved the six files off her screen, and pushed her finger against a holographic button. The same woman with her hair up and glasses on showed up, and she almost appeared startled. "M-Ma'am?"

"I don't need to see any more. I've got my team. Inform the Chairman, and get all of them to the Briefing Room in the next hour. Negligence will be punished." The woman nods sharply and swallows, before the screen cuts out.


The official roleplay will start at 2:00 PM GST! ((In my timezone, at the time of posting, it is 12:49 PM. A link will be provided here to the roleplay, but it will be in the "Forum Roleplay" section in the forums, under the name "Operation Torrent".

Link to roleplay: http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=4544

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