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Sonic Compulsion Device

Guest XanderDox

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Skull said he was hoping to see a suggestion for a brainwasher device, so here I am.

I'd like to suggest the 'Sonic Compulsion Device' or the 'Neural Imprint Projection Device' or something cool sounding.

This device would be a traitor/researchable item, and would be in the shape of a gun, or perhaps a GPS icon with like, a satellite disk on the top of it.

The idea is that you would point it at someone, and you'd essentially get to subtle message them, roleplay wise the other player would be expected to adhere to your subtle message's request/implication unless it violates the rules or is outright against the will to live, aka no 'Kill urself noob' .

The difference between the antag and researchable one, would be mass projection. The antag one would be able to affect multiple people at once, anyone with view point, and could be switched between 'Single Projection' or 'Mass Projection' mode.

The research one would merely be able to use 'Single Projection'

This would allow antags that have spent whatever amount of telecrystals someone thinks is good for this, to be able to say... Wipe people's memories of witnessing their crimes, compel them to tell Security nothing happened, and other such things.

It would not affect any synthetics, IPCs or stationbound ones, regardless of their MMI state.

If it is used on a loyalty implanted individual, it will cause the individual to take 1-3 brain damage, with a random chance of the implant short circuiting. Unless the implant shortcircuits, the individual is not required to follow the requests made by the device.

Alternative Idea

Basically the same thing as above, minus the 'Subtle Message' .

When used on a person or group of people in the case of an antag, a UI would pop up, and provide a few options;

'Sit' - Makes the target(s) sit, and give out a /me [name's] eyes go blank, and they lay down. This would last for 3-5 seconds

'Cease' - Makes the target(s) unable to use their hands or headset for 3-5 seconds

'Desist' - Makes the target(s)' intent switch to help for 10 seconds, or until damage is done to them.

'Invert' - Makes the target(s) walk the opposite direction they intended to, and makes their speech come out in backward sentences. 10-15 seconds

'Dance'- Makes the target(s) spin around in circles for 10-15 seconds. They can still walk and talk during this.

And many other possibilities. As with the original suggestion, loyalty implanted individuals would NOT be affected, they'd receive 1-3 units of brain damage, with a 25% chance of the implant shorting out.


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I'm down for the subtle message idea, but it has to be done in one of two ways. A)there is no way to tell the difference from the ray or admin induced message and you don't HAVE to follow it but you can if you chose to. B)You MUST follow the message, but it declares that it's mind control and not simply an SM from admins.

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