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Midnight Trenchcoat


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BYOND Key: Ove

Character name: Ihintza Livingstone

Item name: Midnight Blue Trenchcoat

Why is your character carrying said item to work? With the promotion to Major, Ihintza Livingstone received this gift from her father, who would be the Director of the private security and paramilitary firm she'd be working in. Seeing as how this coat was one of, if the only material gift that she had ever received from her father, she cherished it and never once let it fray or stain. This coat is a symbol of her devotion to her father, and her father's company.

Item function(s): Just a re-sprite of the armored trenchcoat.

Item description: A traditional black trench coat, with the exception of a few midnight-blue additions and a fur collar. On the left breast, reads a grey-stitched name: "I. Livingstone"

Item appearance: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uo18kl02gcd8b07/AADKXe81BrqOCXP1_EiWeiyBa?dl=0

Additional comments: Ihintza Livingstone is employed as a Head of Security onboard the NSS Aurora, meaning she has access to the regular armored trenchcoat. If I want to play as Ihintza in the round, I have her occupation settings set to "Return to lobby if preferences unavailable", so I won't abuse this by becoming an assistant with a cool coat. It'll only be used when she's a Head of Security, the job she belongs in.

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I'm hoping that this will show that Ihintza actually isn't like other Security Commanders on the station. That being, while every HoS has to work very hard for their position, Ihintza's induction into the role of Nanotrasen was of her own free will and on her father's permission, but only after she had achieved the role of Major in her father's company, Ocitox Intergalactic, a para-military/private security firm which Ihintza was hired in from her early years.

Despite thinking herself flawless in every possible aspect, her very first mission was a complete and utter failure. The objective was to extract a mining ship's crew back to Ocitox. Unfortunately, almost as soon as they entered the area of operations, they came under heavy fire and lost a good deal of their ship. There was no time to waste; Yet Ihintza couldn't move. She was so tied up in how great her and her team was, that she legitimately couldn't believe they were over before the fight even began. Through her ultimate inaction, her entire crew died, her friends included, and it changed her forever.

However, eleven years later of hard, horrible work aside, rising through promotion after promotion, having a few more failures along the way, Ihintza finally made it to the rank of Major. When this happened, her father, either noticing her eye for trench coats or simply just giving it to her because he thought it would be a good present, presented her with a black trenchcoat, outfitted with Ocitox's colors, a fur collar, and her own name on the breast. Having received nothing from her father, ever, she took this to heart and for the first time in a long time, a tear was shed from her eye. She only thought her father ultimately uses her, and that he doesn't care. With the coat she had just been given, perhaps that wasn't true.

This coat represents every failure, success, hardships, and highlights of Ihintza's life serving with Ocitox. She wears it in public, on-duty, you name it. With seeing this HoS having different, customized attire, I'm hoping at least a few people are willing to ask her about it, despite Ihintza's "harsh" or "stern" nature. Every time she's asked about that coat, even Ihintza, will crack a bit and show her more "human" side. It's the best, and one of the only, gifts Ihintza has ever received, from the person she respects above everyone else.

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