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Fluffybirb's Vaurca Application

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BYOND Key:Fluffybirb

Character Names:Kala Vanteil, Clara Falon, Crystal Balkor, Sivira Valtrone, Aether (AI)

Species you are applying to play: Vaurca

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Sand/Tan.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes!

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I want to play as the Vaurca because they are incredibly unique, and present many opportunities for roleplay. Their backstory is very different from others, and the fact that they have just met humanity opens many doors. As one, you can play a character who only knows their field of study, and little else of humanity. Everything for them would be a new experience, and that is incredibly fun to roleplay. Their culture also adds opportunities. Because of its caste system, interacting with other Vaurca will create new paths as well, because of the relationships between the bound and unbound.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Roleplaying a Vaurca is different then roleplaying as a human because of their culture, physiology, and language systems. First, adding the ‘ck’ and ‘g’ into words assist in trying to formulate responses, and create a non-human sounding character. Their physiology would also create a change in my playstyle. Due to them being able to go EVA without a suit, it would allow for new approaches to problems and situations. The fact that they do not heal would also force me to play much more passively, and be more weary of damage and attacks. Also, sense my character would be a type CA, she would be able to reference her previous and upcoming changes, and have those influence her motives. The multiple ego’s would also influence her actions, and create new situations. This leads into her interactions with other Vaurca, and how she would treat them, and they treat her. She would also be able to answer some questions about her culture, because being a type CA, she has much more knowledge then the other members of her species.


Character Name: Va’Yina Zo’ra

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Va’Yina Zo’ra was born in the year 2403, and has spent her entire life upon Titan Prime. Spending her time within the VR as she grew, she often questioned the things she saw. To her dismay, her questions were never answered. She searched deep within the VR to find answers to the laws of the universe. She also asked, how do the Liira travel so fast that they seem to disappear? How could we improve our technology, and better ourselves? Are we the only life in this universe? These questions, and so many more, were sent out into the collective thoughts and memories, but there was no response, for not one member of her hive had ever known the answer. As she entered her royal phase, and began to understand her duties to the colony, she became dismayed that she may never know the answers to her limitless questions… Until one fateful november day.

When contact was made, she was ecstatic. These new races answered so many questions, and presented so many more questions! But, due to the attack on Titan Prime, she was evacuated with the other Queens to various stations. During the evacuation, she requested to be placed upon the research vessel NSS Aurora, citing her expansive shared knowledge of the sciences. She also cited that she could not stay planetside, because a new area must be located for her to enter the ‘Established’ phase and set up her own hive. Now, as she travels towards the NSS Aroura, Va’Yina Zo’ra is filled with feelings wonderment and excitement for the future, but also a gnawing fear that eventually, she will need to establish a hive of her own, and her adventure must end...

What do you like about this character?

What I would like most about this character is that she has a yearning for knowledge, and that everything she experiences will be new to her. Her status will also make roleplays interesting, and the impending change she must face will nudge at her goals.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

7./10, and I’m hoping this character will help me become better!


Please vote, and I hope you like her :3

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I've had some fun RP with them, and they seem capable of making realistic characters. +1

(P.S. Here is something that the wiki says - They can be any job, and can be either Type A or Type BA, You can't be CA sadly. )


Don't worry! She just entered her Royal phase, which means she is physically similar to a type A in structure. They don't become huge until the established phase, hence why she dreads that time because this time of learning and freedom will be over. And I talked with a loremaster, and they said as long as she is in the Royal phase, she can be a character.

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I've had nothing but good experiences with Fluffybirb's role-playing. Kala is part of the "science dream team" as Franight put it, and is by far the most successful, enthusiastic, and entertaining xenoarchaeologist on the station. One time I got cucked out of my science spot by the RNG at the start of one round, and so I hung out in engineering, which would've been mostly miserable if it wasn't for Clara Falon who was nothing but friendly, not to mention witty with a great sense of humor. I certainly believe the quality of Fluffybirb's RP is at a high enough level to help chart out the new waters of Vaurca.

EDIT: +1!

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I don't play the departments that Fluffybirb is in most of the time, but she's still rapidly become a positively recognizable name to me in both Engineering and Research. While I can't comment in-depth because our interactions are usually indirect, I think she's good candy.


Note: When weighing this vote, bear in mind that I am commenting on this person's merit overall as a player-as-observed, and I haven't familiarized myself with the Vaurca in-depth.

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7./10, and I’m hoping this character will help me become better!

This seems a little low to me.

I have played many rounds with Kala Vantiel and some with Fluffybirb's other characters. Weather she is playing xenoarch, anominalist, or RnD she never ceases to better the round experience for me and the rest of science. I would say Fluffybirb's strongest attribute is limiting her IC knowledge to that of her character, rather then giving in to the temptation of using her diverse OOC knowledge. As Vaurca are "Generally very specialized" and "often [have] no inter-department knowledge" this seems a vital skill. Now that I have had the chance to interact with both Fluffybirb's characters and the Vaurca, I can say she would be a great fit. With Kala being a very energetic portrayal of scientific curiosity, and her other characters exemplifying her ability to play very diverse personalities, I would love to see what she would add to science department and the developing race of Vaurca alike.


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I'm not going to be shy on praise for this player, because he deserves it/she. Anyways, I've played with two of his characters, Clara and Kala. and I'm pleased with the quality of roleplay those characters offer, fluffybird is offers intresting situations everyround and is friendly with everyone, he is also good at the jobs he do(Xenoarchiology) and when I play RD and have Kala on staff I tend to enjoy my time.

I've read the application and it's intresting and seems well written. I'm positve he is going to do just fine with the bug bug species

Plus one, gud luk

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For being like Seven and Reyj, but not being like them.

Don't ask me what that means.

I'm not even quite sure yet.

Perhaps it just means you're good at roleplay, with characters that are unique and interest, but not too unique and interesting.

Perhaps it means you're good at science, but you know where to draw the line.

And perhaps it means you learn well, but can study on your own.

I dunno.

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