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  1. She is one the of the best RD's I've ever seen. Takes the time to make sure everyone has something to do, and takes time to teach new players. I give her trial a super DUPER... +1 ✨
  2. He's stinky but an amazing Rollplayer and I've only had good interactions with him. +1 ✨
  3. So, I've spent a long time interacting with many of their characters and I can say that they are an excellent rollplayer. On top of that, I've been spending most of my recent rounds interacting closely with Seela, and I was amazed they weren't an RD/Lily didn't play an RD. They are a natural teacher and able to control a department. I've also seen them take the time to OOCly teach people mechanics. So, I'm gunna give them... +1 ✨
  4. Having interacted with their characters extensively, I can say they are a wonderful rollplayer who is able to create interesting characters. While they have avoided an IR in the past, I would like to see how they have grown and think they will be a wonderful addition to the command team. +1 ✨
  5. Cool, I'll make some minor edits in and note them here. I changed it so the skrell who supported Glorsh during the singularity was a member of her family. I also clarified that the people she was advocating for were those who supported Glorsh during the event to survive, and only during the singularity. She now voiced her opinion in the hopes of improving the federation, and didn't expect the backlash to ruin her.
  6. She feels betrayed. She was trying to do what she thought was right, and thought it would better the federation as a whole. At the moment, she misses being an upstanding citizen due to all the praise and benefits that came from that, but she unsure if she wants to go back. She still wants to improve the lives of those Glorsh supporters, but at the moment she's given up advocating for them. This could change though, I'm trying to leave that aspect of her as something that will be developed as she interacts with other Skrell on station.
  7. I'll go question by question! Tarqi feels resentment and confusion towards the federation. She was taught from birth of the ideals of peace and learning, but now she's questioning them. The Federation may be striving towards a utopia, but Tarqi believes at the core it is rotten. To her, something must have gone wrong along the way, and she hopes that one day things can change and she can go home. She still loves her home and the federation, but now she's scared and confused of it. Tarqi knows that at once point hundreds of years ago they were subversive, but things change. People change. The universe is constantly expanding and changing, stars dying and exploding into life, planets becoming barren wastelands or starting to support life. If someone is labeled as 'subversive' and treated as such constantly, given no opportunity to repent and improve then the problem doesn't go away. Tarqi believes that ultimately, we can turn these people into model citizens by bringing them back and integrating them. Tarqi feels incredibly weary of synthetics. She's read the stories, watched the recordings, and visiting the tomb cities. She knows what Glorsh did, and still see's it today. Deep down she is scared of them, that constant 'what if it happens again' always bouncing around in her head. This is coupled with her never really interacting with a synthetic until she moved to Tau Ceti. She understands that she has to work with them, but that doesn't mean she has to trust them. Any other questions?
  8. BYOND Key: Fluffybirb Character Names: Holiday Lynn, Kala Vantiel, (Shard of) Aether, Wilde Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character:#755dd9 Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yep! Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: What got me started in wanting to play a Skrell was the Warbling musicals. Then, after talking to Paradox a bit about Skrell, I read up on their lore and I liked the concept. Many of the Skrell characters I’ve interacted with are interesting, and getting a little peek into their culture and how it relates to Tau Ceti/others interests me. The Psionics are also pretty neat! I didn’t know the srom was an actual, in game thing until I became good friends with a slug, so I’m excited to experience that. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Humans are wide and varying, but they are ‘like us’. Skrell come from an authoritarian society that attempts to hold the view of being a utopia. That alone creates a unique interaction between Federation Skrell and others. Do they support the federation’s actions? Are they even able to comprehend that maybe the federation isn’t as good as they appear? Beyond that, their competitive culture sets them apart. Sure, humans may compete from time to time, but Skrell have a whole relationship based on having a rival. This also leads into their many ways of relating and connecting to other Skrell/Peoples. With how long lived and emotional they are, they have many different forms of connections and I’m excited to see if those sorts of connections form with other Skrell on station! Finally, the entirety of the species is suffering from the oppression of Glorsh Omega, so they have a unique view towards synthetics that other species lack. They are also unique in that they are all interconnected through their psionics and srom. Character Name: Tarqi Xinaltu Please provide a short backstory for this character: Tarqi Xinaltu was born on Qerrbalak in the underwater city of Qerr'Wesi on 8/14/2375. Raised by a group of Star Keepers, she knew from a young age that her passion was finding what was up above, often swimming to the surface to watch the glittering stars above. Her formative years in kindergarten were mostly uneventful, though she always leaned in interest towards astronomy and the duties of a Star Keeper, much to the delight of her parents. Eventually, once moving onto college, she completed her training to become a Star Keeper, also finding joy in the arts of chemistry. Once she graduated and received approval from the federation to become a Star Keeper, she worked by assisting her family in their duties, learning more an more about the universe around her. It was at this time she learned that a member of her family was secretly a supporter of Glorsh during the singularity, and as the rest of her family did, she kept it a secret to protect them. Tarqi was elated to find that a small dome was to be given to her at the young age of 67. In preparation, she swam to the surface to watch the stars, just as she had done as a child. Tragedy soon followed, because it was discovered that her family was hiding someone who supported glorious during singularity. Seeing how a member of her family was treated and carted away, she felt s though that perhaps if she made her voice heard things could change. In her mind, these skrell were still members of the Federation who made a mistake, and through the guidance of the stars they could be brought back into the fold. All it took was one sermon, and she was stripped of her dome, her license, lost the respect of her family and community, and was eventually pushed into the lowest ranks of society. Skrell around her also capitalized off her being a listener, suspecting her of being against the federation. Left reeling and confused, she spend the next ten years trying to rebuild her life to no avail. Growing bitter, Tarqi applied for a work visa, and moved to Tau Ceti and began her work for NanoTrasen. Tarqi now finds her life in a strange limbo. She still feels the pull of the stars, but she doubts the federation would ever allow her to practice again due to her 'subversive thoughts'. She knows something has to change, but part of her wonders what the point is. Her federation, her people, and even her family turned against her. She's even set up a small life for herself in Tau Ceti. During her work for NanoTrasen as a Quartermaster, she's managed to save up enough funds to purchase an old hotel on the edge of District 7 in Mendel City. Naming it the "Sleep-easy", she rents out aluminum plated rooms to skrell, on a strict "don't ask" policy. She doesn't even record the names of those who stay, simply takes their money and lets them have their rest. What do you like about this character? What I like about Tarqi is deep down, she is a kind teacher who's been forced to develop a hard outer shell. Her kindness burned her and ruined her life, and now she's left wandering not really sure what to do with her life. She's become anti-federation, and she's starting to second guess everything she was taught. Ultimately, I'm hoping her interactions with other people on station can help steer her development. Will she stay a QM? Become a Star Keeper again? Move on to something more? Who knows! I'm excited to see where she goes. How would you rate your role-playing ability? A solid 7.5 out of 10 Notes: Fight me in Srom
  9. CCIA Staff Application Basic Information Byond key: Fluffybirb Character names: Holiday Lynn, Wilde, Kala Vanteil, (Shard of)Aether Age: 23 Timezone: CST What times are you most available?: All day on weekends, Tuesday/Wednesday 6 to 11pm Experience How long have you played SS13?: On and off since 2015. How long have you played on Aurora?: I started back in 2015 and took a break mid 2016, and started back up in November of 2019 How active on the forums, discord and/or server are you? I usually scan the forums but don't often reply, I'm pretty active on the relay, I play multiple rounds about 4 days a week (ish) Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: Back in 2016 I asked for a vampire ban due to three rounds in a row being a vampire. As a diona. So I asked for the ban to stop it from happening! The ban has been lifted recently. Have you ever volunteered as moderation staff for any other servers, SS13 or otherwise?: Nope. Do you have any other experience that you believe would be relevant to a position in the CCIA?: Well, all of my characters that I play often are command staff, and currently I almost always play Captain. I think I have a good grasp of how command works, and proper IC responses to a lot of situations. I also know corporate regulations and how they work, as well as station procedure. As a little bonus I know how to make that sweet sweet paperwork! Personality Why do you want to join the CCIA?: I've been playing here for a while now, and when I saw the announcement about needing CCIA I thought I would try and help out the server. It also seems like it could be really fun, and I can give people the spotlight in IRs! What do you think are the most important qualities for a CCIA Agent to possess?: The biggest one is being impartial. Most of our characters are personal works we've made and developed. CCIA can help develop a character more, but if the Agent isn't impartial, it could damage or even ruin a character. Plus, since they have the final say, it needs to be fair for everyone involved. Being professional is also important. Agents represent NanoTrasen, so their conduct in IRs, faxes, and on station needs to be professional. This also helps them stay impartial! What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is in an ongoing round?: I think their purpose is to provide guidance and support when needed, as well as make the world feel real and alive. If command staff has a request or report, CCIA can provide them with suggestions on what could be done for the company, or assist in some way if the situation is extreme. Personally, I also think they make the world feel more real. They give a sense that it's not just the Aurora and the boundaries of the game that exist, but a whole universe. The things we as players can't see, like the Odin, or Tau Ceti- they make it feel alive. When you send a message off to central, it doesn't have an automated response from the game. A person is back home, and replying to us, meaning there is more outside this station. Plus, they can call command out for using cursive 😛 What do you think the purpose of a CCIA Agent is outside of the server?: An agents purpose outside the server is similar to in the server. They make the company feel alive. We can see a part of NanoTrasen's bureaucracy working. Our characters are heard and acknowledged, making the universe of SS13 feel alive. They also allow our characters to grow outside the game, through IRs. Our characters can report their IC concerns, and see a physical in game result. How do you handle stress?: Personally, I use distractions, music, meditation. Games like this help a lot. How well do you work autonomously?: Once I understand my task, I do well. Often though, I need people to bounce questions off of. Additional Notes: I'm currently in my first year of Gradschool, so my life can get busy at times. I would like to help as a CCIA, but it may get to a point where I would have to step down. Weekends are usually assured as open for me though, and I would like to give back to this community.
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