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Fire and Glory applies for Unathi

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BYOND Key:Fire and Glory.

Character Names:


Android CAC,

IPC CAC, (differences, etc.)

Android SAHU,

pAI Carl, (doesn't get used)

AI MELCHIOR, (Sorta in storage at the moment)

Casimir Laurenzi,

Tpr Carlson,

Jorge Gerthun, (doesn't get used

Covert (nuke op).

Species you are applying to play:Lizards Unathi.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):Some manner of green.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Several times to refresh myself on the Unathi lore, to the point of finding errors.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:Expanding my horizons, my current selection of choices to choose from doesn't particularly interest me at the moment, IPCs don't really offer much new when at the end of the day, they're still robots, and robots were available to me from the start, I don't really like my current IPC, and I don't feel like working on the other one at this point so I'm writing this app.

Unathi seem fairly interesting, (as far as warrior lizard aliens go.) and Tajara don't seem particularly appealing to me at the moment, I haven't much idea at all how to do a Skrell, even down to the name, the Trees are trees, and Vaurca aren't actually a thing aren't really appealing to me (lynch), so I'm doing Unathi.

As rough around the edges as they are, there is something appealing about Unathi, I am very interested in what the future holds for them, with how aggressive they've been, they'll need to tread carefully or 'glass Moghes' will become a reality, while Tajara aren't in a very good spot on the Galactic Scale either, they aren't drawing dangerous attention to themselves, plus, aforementioned 'roughness around the edges'

Also they're robust and can break handcuffs

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:Unathi have strong roots in an outdated way of thinking, working on a honor system, arranging marriages instead of going with whoever the female particularly wants, though said females would most likely be supportive of it (or get beaten to a pulp over the years), relying on the surveying male (father or brother or anything else, depending on the current status of the clan.) to choose a worthy suitor to strengthen the clan, and go with the male's choice without (obvious) complaint.

Unathi are distrusted, they've destroyed NanoTrasen assets which would ensure that they don't receive overwhelming success within the company for many years, and that's optimistically assuming that nothing else will happen regarding NT in the future, and something most likely will, the Unathi Hegemony has also gotten into a fight with the Skrell over Ouerea and had it turned over to them, something that the Jargon Federation never really forgave them for, and there's also the fact that most of their fleet consists of raiders and most likely each and every one of them have a bloody history with the various border worlds, not to mention the fact that they are currently churning out the HMV Cataclysm which no government would be comfortable with.

Unathi have a different sets of mannerisms from Humans, they'll typically thump their tails when agitated, as a whole, intimacy is displayed through means of close physical contact that isn't hugging, twining tails, etc, they also have a set of mannerisms for addressing and acting around superiors, though Unathi working for corporations such as NanoTrasen most likely would educate them to not do that quite as much.

Most Unathi are hostile or distrustful of Shells, (and Unathi of the popular religion's tend to believe that Synthetics in general most definitely cannot have a soul.) viewing them as cheap imitations of life and the like, though again they would most likely be educated to not openly display this while working for a company, though the feeling is still there.

Unathi tend be to sensitive about temperatures, they get lazy overly comfortable if they're warm (which is unlikely to happen unless they whip out some space heaters) and get very uncomfortable at cold temperatures (which they usually are since average station temp is 20 Celsius which off the top of my head is probably a little bit warmer then my fridge.)

Also they're robust and- Unathi are stronger on average compared to a lot of species, and are arguably physically the strongest of the space faring situations, competing with IPC's and Dionae and that's being very liberal on what exactly "strength" means, but a Unathi would punch you the hardest out of the three 7 times out of 10, which is to say, that of course, your mileage may vary depending on the individual.


Character Name: Usiki Zir'u

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Usiki was born on Moghes in 2424, in the Zir'u clan under Izweski rule which was fortunate enough to reside in the Unathi city Ma'Ha'rem, which didn't get nuked in the Contact War, there Usiki spent his first 13 years of life being trained in the ways of the Warrior, though after those years as he was growing into his prime it quickly became evident that he could not perform well as a warrior and changed tack to being shown how to be a healer, a fact that still embarrasses him somewhat to this day.

On his 17th year of life, Clan Leader Kaski Zir'u dictated that the Zir'u clan would go to Ouerea, which they did over a 5 year trickle, Usiki set foot on Ouerea on the second year, residing in New Skalamar, enrolling in the Human managed medical school 'New Horizons' after a short period to further his before-then very basic medical knowledge, with the enrollment being paid by the clan as a whole to strengthen themselves, Usiki took a liking to the surgery aspect of healing and medicine, and primarily trained in it over the long years.

By the time the Hegemony took control, Usiki was 33 and well educated in surgery for various species's and also educated in the more general aspects of medicine, although unfortunately he still has no on-hand experience and he would've preferred to stay for a few years longer but unfortunately the School shut down once most of the Humans left, pressured by his clan, Usiki looked for employment and, a fair bit to the Zir'u's disappointment, found employment with the Human Corporation NanoTrasen aboard the NSS Aurora.

What do you like about this character?Usiki doesn't have any on-hand medical experience, which fits well with my own lack of experience with Medical, thus I'm perfectly justified if I accidentally give patients Lexorin instead of Inaprovaline or the like.

Although it doesn't say so in the backstory, Usiki still practices with the weapons of his ancestors, otherwise known as spears and axes, he's still bad at it and it still embarrasses him, which can create interesting situations around more capable Unathi or even better, skilled non-Unathi.

Usiki isn't very well liked by his clan because he is offering his expertise to another power instead of supporting Unathi, and while it's not quite as taboo as fighting for a foreign military, his clan frowns upon it all the same, and he's not happy about it.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?Because numerical ratings are completely useless, inaccurate, and biased, lets see.

I hold my own well enough in Roleplay, but I'm utterly terrible at going on the offensive, in words that make sense, if you come around and engage one of my character's in a conversation that goes on for longer then a minute, I'll be able to go back and forth in the conversation and probably not lock up, but since the server doesn't revolve around me and people don't engage my char's in conversation much except for a select few, I'm often sitting twiddling my thumbs because I'm terrible at seeking out Roleplay for myself, something I'm trying to fix but not getting much traction sadly.

6.5/10 if you go interact with me, 3/10 if I have to find something to do.

Notes:The second paragraph of why I want to play lizards is kinda out of date now that we have new lorepersons and such but I'm lazy.

On the roleplaying Unathi I kinda got mixed between defining the species and how actual roleplay goes but I trust it'll work well enough.

Guys, 9/10 or 8/10 basically means that you're at the pinnacle of Roleplaying ability, which you most probably are not, down with numerical ratings.

Please please tell me if anything doesn't match up, I've experienced some doubts about the first backstory paragraph especially.

Credit for the Medical school name goes to Bath Salts Addict, because coming up with two completely seperate names by myself was too much.

And, finally, thank you for taking the time to read this, and shame on you if you just scrolled to the end.

Now that I've made two applications it's evident that I ramble a lot on my whitelists and the first one wasn't a fluke. Never mind, my first whitelist is like three times shorter, so it's not a trend yet.

EDIT:Removed OOC notes that I left to myself as I writ the thing.

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Ok. Major point in case. I'm not reading this app. It's too much for me as I don't want to spend all day on the forums.

Now, regarding the Unathi Species and Fire. Without checking for contradictions or poor lore usage, Fire is a DAMN good player with whom I've enjoyed many rounds of fun. CAC is perhaps one of my favorite pAI units and even more so as a roboticist. I think Fire, who has done a great deal to understand the synthetics that he plays, likely knows the lore for the Unathi well. So I am supporting this application with great enthusiasm!

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I'm in the same boat as Xelnagahunter. Fire and Glory is pretty good with his robits, and I'm sad to see him bored with them even if we don't interact all that much. I don't know Unathi that well, so take my +1 in the context that it's given: Fire's a pretty good RPer and I don't see him failing to live up to the expectations of a whitelist he's trying to obtain.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

"tl;dr but i like the applicant" isn't exactly helpful, guys.

I'll read this application when I return from work then hopefully give you an answer soon!

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

You say what you need to say and you have an interesting take on things! I enjoyed reading your application and can tell you have an understanding of the species. I'll give this application another day to sit and collect possible feedback, but as it stands I'll be happy to accept it.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Application accepted! I've updated your whitelist permission thanks to Skull's new system. If you find any problems playing a Unathi, send him a pm!

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