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Pumpking"9bans"Slice's Mapper Application

Guest PumpkingSlice

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Ckey/BYOND Username: PumpkingSlice

Position Being Applied For: Mapper (duh)

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I know how to manipulate a lot of variables to do what I want (not that it's hard) and I've got a decent ammount of experience to map rooms to be balanced in terms of the games mechanics. I mapped an ERT training grounds, which was close to being finished, for Skull but the idea got dropped in the end. I've messed around enough with dreammaker to know how it works and how I can break it. I'm currently helping with the new map.

Examples of Past Work: Oh boy. I could show them if... I had the laptop I used to play on and if I didn't delete everything on it. Ermm... since I used gyazo to take my images at that time... I can't get them because gyazo wants me to pay to view them. Other than that the only evidence of past mapping work is by tongue of people I've shown it too. I've done events on the server where I've had to build things, sometimes alone and sometimes with other people. Unless this from the new map can count as evidence... question mark? http://puu.sh/mdSdo/c3353294ab.png

Preferred Mode of Communication: Smoke Signals and Carrier Pigeons (Skype, Steam, BYOND pager, Forum PM's, email, TeamSpeak, letter and face to face.)

Additional Comments: The main reason I want to map for the server, is because you all suck, is so I can continuously help develop the map and create new, interesting environments for people roleplay in...

Haha no Skull's a butt. Give me a cookie now please.

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