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Applying for stuff is fun! (right?)

Besides, I've been mumbling and threatening to do this for a long time now and I think it's time I actually do it. I'm going to volunteer to put my sanity on the line to help make aurora a better place… programatically.

Ckey/BYOND Username:


Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter):

Coder (though I can map a bit and even sprite, sort of, if I'm jollied along with a red-hot poker)

Past Experiences/Knowledge:

With BYOND? None. I've read a bit about it and looked through parts of the screaming hell that is aurora's code (no, really, listen… doesn't that faint ringing in your ears sound like the distant screaming of forgotten procs lost in digital oblivion?), but that's it for BYOND.

Programming has been a hobby of mine since I was in the 5th grade, and I've dabbled with a whole bunch of different languages. The list includes various forms of LISP and BASIC, Java, Lua, PHP, some C++ years ago… I've even messed with C# a touch recently. Also, more application/game specific scripting languages than I care to count. Suffice to say, while I may not still be able to code in all those language, I do pick new ones up fairly quickly.

On the downside, I've been doing this mostly alone and haven't collaborated on a project since I was working on a MOO something around a decade ago. The exact workings of Github are, as a result, something of a mystery to me.

Examples of Past Work:

Here's a link to a droppbox file containing a bunch of Lua scripts for controlling CC computers/turtles in various versions of Minecraft/FTB. There's even a wee little package manager I wrote. Don't expect everything to work, though, or even make sense out of context. Just gaze dreamily into the elegance of tail-call recursion. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sym126qw3h9pikz/AAAMkH02nAu7akhvHcDhvX_oa?dl=0 (let me know if this link doesn't work… but it should)

Most of the rest of my recent work includes REPL-based clojure utilities for use with other games, one or two of which even pertain to SS13. But they're not currently online anywhere. Samples are available on request.

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.):

Skype is best, email is okay, I can use teamspeak but it's not something that I generally have on. Please no astral projection.

Additional Comments:

The reason I want to code for Aurora is threefold. First, I love this server and would love to make it even more awesome. Second, I want the experience of working collaboratively on a project. And third, I'm a bored homemaker with no kids (or aspirations in that direction) and I have lots of time on my hands to pick up a new hobby.

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Personally I'd love for this to happen. I quite enjoy Raven's presence on the server, and they most certainly have the credentials for being a coder (I heard Minecraft is notoriously complex to mod for). Plus if they're down to learn mapping and spriting, I can teach them as well.

That being said, I'm not a coder so I can only vouch for Raven's friendliness.

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