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So! I am sorry if there is already one of these, but, because you're all nerds, I thought I'd ask what board games people like to play. I like settlers of Catan, Arkham Horror, Dead of Winter, Epidemic and a bunch more. Let me know!!

Yea I founded a games club in high school. I like Chess, The resistance, Nuns on the Run, King of tokyo, Poker, Betrayal on the house on haunted hill, and others in roughly decending order. (The groups available could kick chess down a few levels.)

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I have 6 different Star Wars-ified board games I still have from my birthdays when I was little.

4 of them never have been opened and they're all collecting dust in my closet.


What dice system do they use? If it is the one I'm thinking, I will gladly buy them all from you...

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I'm not sure, but I have Escape From Death Star, Epic Duels, I've a monopoly version of it, and I think I also have a Dejarik board.

OH! And Pazaak. Pazaak is literally my favorite.

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Where's my Axis and Allies? I've never screamed so hard at my friends as I did when doing an all night Axis and Allies game.

Also: Pandemic, mash-up, Ticket to ride, (I've actually shaken the hand of the creator of summoner Wars at an event called Dencon while I was president of my high school games club), stratego, risk (obvi), Tsuro, cutthroat caverns, Ascension (my fave), other games I'm forgetting Cuz alcohol news years stuff.

Edit: Shadows over Camelot

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