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Player Complaint - Lev Tolstoy

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BYOND Key: Mofo1995

Player Byond Key: LevTolstoy

Staff involved: Tsar Alexander II of Russia

Reason for complaint: Mary Sue snowflake characters

Approximate Date/Time: 1869, 1873-1877

So, Lev Tolstoy has inserted Mary Sue special snowflake characters into not just one but TWO of his characters. I'll get to them individually.

1. Levin

I mean c'mon how could admins have let this slide? His name is even IN the character's name! Let's go over Levin's traits real quickly. He's humble, smart, strong, the flavor text was power emoted to describe him as attractive, all his SLAVES love him (like wtf), he's rich AND fiscally intelligent, and on top of it all he gets the beautiful young girl in the end. (There's at least a twenty year age difference here, okay? It's creepy.). I know a thing or two about Lev personally and I can tell you that the circumstances revolving around his marriage to his wife are eerily similar to Lev's marriage to Kitty, except with first night spousal rape omitted (very classy, Lev.) But let's dig deeper, I also know that Lev has been struggling with depression and so of course his perfect Mary Sue character, despite his amazing life, is all: "woe is me! Life is hell, and pain, and suffering!" I understand it's all right to write yourself into your characters a little bit but this is just too far, he's even had his character go through events (which I'll keep private so as not to attack Lev) that he's gone through. It's like he's trying to force this game into being all about him even though the title is very clearly Anna Karenina!

2. Pierre

Coming Soon!

Additional Comments:

The Tsarmins are corrupt for letting this slide and should be overthrown.


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