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Sycmos' Apology for Being a Drunk, Depressing Shitlord


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I can pretty much guarantee you that 80% of my activity in the last three weeks of playing I have been severely intoxicated. As I have learned from being intoxicated I tend to be a babbling, depressing jackass who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut or keep things to himself. After going to sleep last night, waking up well-rested and throwing out all of my alcohol and coffee I've decided that I'm going to lay low for a short while and not play as often despite having not played very often lately to begin with. I might pop in here and there but only to play as new, non-descript characters that I don't feel comfortable revealing right now.

The point of this thread was that I wanted to apologize to everyone for my unacceptable behavior. I'm going to do my best to try and turn my life around as it's a huge mess and I hope to return somewhat more intact that I am right now. None of you deserve to deal with my drunken bullshit so I'm going to keep OOC off for the most part when I am playing, even though I won't be drinking anymore.

I hope to be able to rejoin the collective a more whole human being once this is all over and dealt with.

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