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Sprite request: utility/astromech (an)droids!

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I have a couple cyborgs that only speak in beeps and boops, partly to emulate how astromechs and utility droids in the SW franchise only communicate via binary.

I think it'd be awesome to have department color-coded utility androids that suit a variety of tasks, as available sprites.













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Just made this one, will have more later today!


That's really well done, but I do want to note that utility droids have one leg in the back. I just snagged pictures right away from the SWTOR wiki. I believe the front legs are slanted and also moved a bit to the front of the chassis, as well.

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Spriting the R-series astromech droids would probably be best off not focusing on the central leg. With the exception of the R1, they universally have that central tread tucked up inside their bodies, but I think trying to sprite their tilted rolling appearance would look pretty odd.

They're perfectly recognizable in their upright configuration.

Edit: As for the SWTOR-era astromechs, they tend to have a "hard" 3-legged design instead of the soft 3-legged design of the R-series. http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/swtor/images/a/a3/T7-O1.png/revision/latest?cb=20100814155549

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